You've Gotta Meet the 'Selling Tampa' Cast Like RN

Just when you thought Netflix couldn’t possibly get any better, BAM, it drops Selling Tampa. Now I know fans of Selling Sunset will be on board with this series pretty much immediately (it’s a spinoff, after all) but even if you haven’t watched the OG luxury real estate show, you’ll still love the Florida-based version because it’s, dare I say, possibly even better than the original.

Not only does the show moving to a new location mean we get to see an entirely new city’s stock of over-the-top luxury real estate, but it means we get a whole new cast of characters too. The Selling Tampa cast (which BTW is all-Black and all-female!) are all from the Tampa-based Allure Realty and they are ready to DE-LI-VER. They’ve got years of experience, stunning homes to show off, and, it has to be said, a killer fashion game. So before you binge watch the show in a scarily short amount of time (’cause won’t we all) here’s the 411 on all of the show’s cast members.

Sharelle Rosado

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Age: 33

Instagram: @sharellerosado_

About her: On top of being a US Army veteran, Sharelle is a luxury real estate agent, broker, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of the Allure Realty. She created the agency in 2019, opening its first location in Tampa. Sharelle is engaged to former NFL player Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson and they’re expecting a baby girl together.

Rena Frazier

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Age: Mid-40s

Instagram: @renafrazier

About her: Rena got her real estate license in 2018 and was the first agent hired by Allure Realty. She’s now a broker associate and, according to Selling Tampa‘s Instagram account, she loves helping people navigate the real estate market to find their home.

Juawana Colbert

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Age: 41

Instagram: @juawanacolbert

About her: Originally from Los Angeles, Juawana is the office manager at Allure Realty and a real estate agent. She got into real estate at a young age, following her grandpa around to inspections of his apartment properties.

Alexis Williams

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Age: 30

Instagram: @thealexiscwilliams

About her: Alexis is a full-time real estate agent who specializes in selling residential homes and she’s earned herself a reputation for fiercely representing her customers’ interests.

Colony Reeves

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Age: 30

Instagram: @colonyreeves

About her: The University of South Florida graduate is known as one of the top-performing real estate agents at Allure Realty with tenacity coming out the wazoo.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

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Age: 27

Instagram: @annesophiepf

About her: Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere went from property accountant to real estate professional and, thanks to her background, she’s been able to earn a number of top performance awards.

Karla Giorgio

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Age: 33

Instagram: @karlagiorgio_

About her: Originally from Venezuala, Karla moved to Florida with her family looking for a better life. She got into the sales game from an early age, selling cars at her dad’s dealership when she was just 16 years old. She’s taken everything she’s learned and used it to become a successful real estate agent.

Tennille Moore

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Age: 45

Instagram: @tennillemoore_

About her: This Florida native has an impressive resume, including being the chief legislative assistant in the Florida Senate. She’s now a mother of three and a successful real estate agent.

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