Wow, 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Very Pissed at Amelia After Last Night's Episode

Alright, guys. We need to talk about Amelia. On last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, she decided that she didn’t want to know who the father of her baby is, which is completely her call. But after that, she broke up with Link because he wanted to know whether he was the father or not. And he was very thrown by the breakup. It begs the question, what the hell is going on here?

Obviously, Amelia being pregnant is hard for her because it brings back memories of her first pregnancy. But as of right now, she’s adamant that if Link wants to know whether he’s the dad or not, that means he doesn’t love her unconditionally or something, and therefore she should raise the baby alone, without him in the picture at all. Fans are really mad about this.

One person wrote on Reddit, “A man not loving you unconditionally does not necessarily mean he’s not a good man….” It’s, ‘I got excited for a baby that might not be mine, and I don’t know if I want to continue this relationship if it means raising a kid that belongs to my girlfriend’s ex.’ That’s an extremely valid point and the show suggesting that Amelia is in the right here just shows how out of touch it really is.”

People on Twitter are also making some incredibly valid points about how hypocritical Amelia is being.

Remember that time Amelia yelled at Teddy for hiding her pregnancy because “i HaVe A StAkE iN tHis. I hAvE cHiLdReN hErE, wE Do!”…

LMAO!!!!🤣 Damn, I could hear the slap her own words gave her… and it hurt 🤣🤣🤣#GreysAnatomy

Honestly the only way to move forward is to look at the results. Otherwise, Amelia will keep wondering about all the what ifs #GreysAnatomy

Amelink deserves better😭
I hope it’s only Amelia’s hormones, Link loves her so much they can’t end up like this💔#GreysAnatomy

Really Amelia??? Really? #GreysAnatomy

Are they really going to make us wait until Amelia has the baby to find out who the father is? #GreysAnatomy

Whether she has to tell the father or not is something for the internet to debate and the writers to decide, but one thing we can ALL agree on is that what’s happening with Alex is ridiculous.

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