Why Love Island contestants don’t use the pool as they take rare dip with Rita Ora

Why the islanders don't use the pool in the villa is one of Love Island's biggest mysteries.

However, on Tuesday night, the cast of 2023 took a rare dip as they jumped into the pool at the beach club with singer Rita Ora.

The islanders were stunned when they arrived at the club and found Rita performing for them. But when she finished her special set, she told the islanders that she really wanted to jump in the pool, and invited them to follow her in.

Of course, the islanders didn't need asking twice and began to jump in alongside the pop sensation.

This year, the likes of Whitney Adebayo, Jess Harding and Ella Thomas have been seen lounging around the pool throughout the series.

However, they are rarely seen actually in the pool, instead opting to stay dry.

The same thing goes for the men, including Sammy Root, Scott Van Der Sluis and Ouzy See. They are almost always in swimming shorts but it's not often that those shorts get wet.

So, why do the islanders rarely use the pool?

It's too cold

In 2016, Kady McDermott told OK! that the time of year that the islanders are in the villa means that the pool is cold. She said: "We didn’t actually get in the pool a lot because it’s so cold.

"Because we went into the villa at the end of May and it’s just about getting into summer, the pool hasn’t been heated or anything."

Islanders have sex in it

Back in 2017, winners Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies admitted to having sex in the pool on Camilla Thurlow's birthday. During an interview with the Daily Star, the pair admitted they "couldn't keep their hands off each other."

The couple also admitted that they "hid under a turtle float" at the time.

Beauty mishaps

All of the female islanders are huge fans of fake tan and hair extensions so getting in the pool could mess that up. Chlorine, which is in swimming pools, strips hair colourant and can make hair go green.

It can also make fake tan go patchy, but there are reports that tan is now actually banned in the villa!

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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