Who will win The X Factor 2018? Latest odds and predictions as the competition gets underway

But, who is more likely to be crowned the winner? Here are the latest odds and predictions…

What are the latest odds on who will win The X Factor 2018?

Despite the fact that The X Factor's latest series isn't yet into the finals, bookies have already started thinking about the winner.

Here are the latest winner odds as supplied by Bookmakers…

  • Shan 1/4
  • Anthony Russell 5/1
  • Brendan Murray 10/1
  • Molly Scott 12/1
  • Misunderstood 16/1
  • Janice Robinson 20/1
  • Danny Tetley 25/1
  • Olatunji Yearwood 33/1
  • Andy Hofton 100/1
  • Charlotte Lee 100/1
  • Jacqueline Faye 100/1
  • Kezia Povey 100/1

As for which mentor's group will win the show, here are the latest predictions…

  • Louis Tomlinson (Boys) 6/4
  • Simon Cowell (Girls) 2/1
  • Robbie Williams (Groups) 3/1
  • Ayda Field (Overs) 4/1

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Who won The X Factor last year?

Last year's winner was Rak-Su, the four-piece R&B band, who won against Grace Davies.

This was no surprise to bookies, as they were expecting the group to win,

The members of the group were Ashley Fongo, Jamaal Shurland, Mustafa Rahimtulla and Myles Stephenson.

When is The X Factor on?

The X Factor airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on ITV.

For those that miss an episode, they are also made available on the ITV Hub.

This year's judging panel consists of Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams, Ayda Field and Louis Tomlinson.

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