Who will win The Apprentice 2018? Latest betting odds and predictions as competition gets underway

But who is already being tipped to be hired by Lord Alan Sugar? Here's what we know so far…

Who will win The Apprentice 2018?

These are how this year's candidates are being rated so far (odds supplied by Betway)

  • Sian Gabbidon 13/2
  • Camilla Ainsworth 10/1
  • Daniel Elahi 10/1
  • Jasmine Kundra 10/1
  • Kayode Damali 10/1
  • Tom Bunday 10/1
  • Alex Finn 14/1
  • Frank Brooks 14/1
  • Jackie Fast 14/1
  • Khadija Khalifa 14/1
  • Kurran Pooni 14/1
  • Sabrina Stocker 14/1
  • Sarah Byrne 14/1
  • Rick Monk 16/1
  • Sarah Ann Magson 16/1
  • Daniel Aldan 20/1


When does The Apprentice start on BBC One?

The Apprentice is a hit BBC reality show, now going into its 14th series, featuring hour-long episodes.

Each series of the programme aims to find a new apprentice for billionaire business mogul and Amstrad founder Lord Alan Sugar, who's worth £1.4bn.

It aims to recreate the toughest of business environments and tasks for its set of contestants, but it is often very funny due to the incompetence and arrogance of the competitors.

It launched on BBC One on Wednesday, October 3.

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