Who was Dennis Tanner in Coronation Street? His ashes send the residents on a disastrous bus journey tonight

DISASTER strikes tonight in Coronation Street’s 10,000th episode after Rita is surprised by Dennis Tanner’s ashes in the post.

The hour-long milestone begins on ITV at 7.30pm and will see one resident’s life changed forever as they head to Blackpool to scatter his ashes. But who was Dennis and what was his connection to Rita?

Who was Dennis Tanner in Coronation Street?

Dennis Tanner – who was played by the actor Philip Lowrie – was the on-screen son of Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street.

Dennis appeared on the show’s opening episode after being released from prison for theft, before departing from the cobbles in 1968.

When Dennis returned in 2011, it turned out he'd been living on the street after Sophie Webster and Sian Powers bumped into him while volunteering at a soup kitchen.

He then became romantically involved with Rita – much to Norris’ dismay – before marrying her in 2012.

In 2014, Dennis was unable to turn down Gloria Price’s offer of a cruise around the world and disappeared with her last minute.

Rita was devastated as Dennis said a quick farewell before diving into Gloria’s flash car.

What happens to Dennis’ ashes tonight in Coronation Street?

Rita is shocked tonight when she receives a parcel containing her estranged husband Dennis’ ashes in the post.

The parcel also contains a note requesting she scatter them in Blackpool.

When Jenny gets wind of the news she decides to organise a trip for all the residents, organising a bus to take them all to the seaside resort.

Rita gets on the bus carrying the urn.

But fans will know that Dennis’ ashes fail to reach Blackpool as disaster strikes on the bus midway through the journey.

First-look pics from December 2019 showed Rita sagging over the wheel of the bus after some sort of crash.

Sean Tully was also pictured directing paramedics to the disastrous scene as an injured Mary leaned out of the bus.

Who quits the cobbles after the disaster in Corrie?

Corrie has confirmed that the tragedy will leave one character with the realisation that they need to move on to pastures new.

Corrie boss Ian MacLeod hinted before Christmas that street legend Rita is set for heartbreak in the new year, as her tragic Christmas accident has long-lasting consequences.

Lonely Rita fell over while decorating her tree and lay there alone for hours.

Speaking before Christmas MacLeod said: "She'll be okay physically but it will have slightly more far-reaching consequences in terms of her perception of her own life, her role in the world and her role on the street.

"That will play out over the first couple of months of next year, culminating around February time.

"She will be physically okay, just to reassure you. I'm not going to expect you to tune in on Christmas Day and watch Rita's demise. That's not something I would ever do!"

But fans will have to tune in to find out whether it’s Rita that departs from the cobbles, as exact plot details are yet to be confirmed.

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