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KODY Brown's massive and bickering polyamorous family is the focus of the popular reality TV show Sister Wives.

Here is the lowdown on the patriarch.

Who is Kody Brown?

The 51-year-old TV personality has been the center of the TLC show since it debuted in 2010.

Brown, originally from Wyoming, first got married in 1990 to Meri Brown.

They later got divorced, but only so Kody could marry fellow Sister Wives star Robyn and adopt her children.

The Sister Wives clan lives in Arizona after previously residing in Utah and Las Vegas.

How many kids does Kody have?

Kody has 18 children – and two grandchildren.

Janelle and Christine are each the mother of six and Robyn is the mother of five.

Three of Robyn's children were from a previous marriage and were adopted by Kody.

Meri, the first wife, has one child with Kody.

How many wives does Kody have?

Kody has four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

It is believed that the relationship between Kody and first wife Meri might be coming to an end after she snubbed him on their 30th anniversary.

Meri posted a photo on social media to mark the anniversary, but it was a selfie with her dog: “Puppy life… Can it get any better??”

She later posted a series of cryptic quotes on Instagram.

“You don’t always need a plan," she wrote on social media.

"Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens.”

She added: “Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”

At one point Meri was involved in a catfish scandal where she fell in love with another man over the Internet who ended up being a woman.

She revealed earlier this month that she was "lonely" and "sad"

They were spotted together earlier this month.

Additionally, Christine recently bragged about a date night she had with Kody.

Kody's third wife posted the outfit she wore for their date night on social media.

"Dressing up for date night is super important, even if you’re just going for a drive listening to your favorite songs!" she wrote.

"Embrace Sexy!"

Kody was not pictured in her post.


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