Who is in the cast of The Big Audition? From William the tour guide to a witch at Wookey Hole

We take a look at some of the auditionees that are taking part…

Who is in the cast of The Big Audition?

Here are some of the people taking part in The Big Audition:

AUDITIONEE: Linda John-Pierre

AUDITIONGuest Fitness Presenter – Ideal World

REASON FOR AUDITION: "I found it in my junk email! The job sounded right up my street and I felt I had the right personality for it, so I thought why not?!"

HAVE THEY AUDITIONED BEFORE?: "Yes I’ve auditioned for many things! I went for the part of Aretha Franklin once!"



AUDITION: Henry VIII – Hampton Court palace

REASON FOR AUDITION:"Well I’ve written a couple of books on history. It’s purely a geeky, amateur interest in history"

HAVE THEY AUDITIONED BEFORE?: "Nothing like this. I’ve done a bit of TV before. I appeared as an expert on UKTV for two series of Forbidden History with Jamie Theakston and I also appeared on Private Lives with Tracy Borman. I have written a book about the Knights Templar called Quest for the True Cross. But I’d never actually acted before!"


AUDITION: John Lennon – Upbeat Beatles

REASON FOR AUDITION: "I’ve always loved The Beatles. Lennon has always been a great inspiration to me. He has a sharp wit and doesn’t mind sticking his neck out and saying what he thinks which appeals to me!"

HAVE THEY AUDITIONED BEFORE?: "Yes and no, I didn’t get it! The Bootleg Beatles were auditioning for a John Lennon which is what prompted me to start my Lennon impersonations. So I travelled down to London for that. Unfortunately I wasn’t successful, but they gave me some great feedback."


AUDITIONEE: Gareth and Mason McLaughlin

AUDITION: Social Media Content Creator/Backstage presenter – Mobo Awards

REASON FOR AUDITION: "We want to be TV presenters."

HAVE THEY AUDITIONED BEFORE?:"Yeah I’ve done lots of model castings."

AUDITIONEE: Francie MacRory

AUDITION: Guest Presenter – Create and Craft

REASON FOR AUDITION: "Curiosity and the possibility of a future job."

HAVE THEY AUDITIONED BEFORE?: "Only one other thing. It was nothing like this. It was a show called Castaway which was a 3 month adventure on a desert island in New Zealand. I was one of 13 people who got it and I came 2nd. It was on BBC in 2007."



AUDITION: Role of Velma Kelly – Chicago

REASON FOR AUDITION: "I’ve only understudied it in the past and I feel I was always almost too young to play her. She’s very worldly and works hard. I think I just needed a few more years. It’s very much an ensemble show and it holds a very special place in my heart. When this audition came around, obviously I wanted the part!

HAVE THEY AUDITIONED BEFORE?: "Yes a lot! Too many to count. I’ve been auditioning since 2005."

AUDITIONEE: Darcey Whittington

AUDITION: Young Presenter – Bafta Kids

REASON FOR AUDITION:"I thought that it might help me to become an actress and to gain more experience. "

HAVE THEY AUDITIONED BEFORE?: "I wasn’t nervous because I had done auditions before."


AUDITIONEE: Elisabeth Cammell

AUDITION: Wookey Witch – Wookey Hole

REASON FOR AUDITION: "I just thought it would be a fun role acting as a witch. I knew I wanted to play it as a kid’s entertainer."



When does The Big Audition start on ITV?

This brand new show kicks off TONIGHT, October 5, 2018.

The Big Audition runs for an hour starting at 9pm.

It consists of six episodes.

If you miss any, you can watch them on the ITV Hub after they have aired.

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