Who is Dr Clare Wenham? Researcher whose daughter invaded BBC interview

YOU can never underestimate kids when it comes to live telly.

That was certainly the case for Covid-19 researcher Dr Clare Wenham.

Who is Dr Clare Wenham?

Dr Clare Wenham is Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She is the Director of the MSc in Global Health Policy and sits on the steering committee of the LSE Global Health Initiative.

Dr Wenham’s work mostly falls in the cross-over between global health and international relations focusing on global health security and global health governance

Her recent work includes research on Covid-19.

What happened to Dr Clare Wenham on BBC News?

On July 1, 2020, viewers were left in stitches when Clare's daughter gatecrashed her BBC News interview.

She was being interviewed about her coronavirus research when her little girl Scarlett appeared and began rearranging a unicorn picture behind her — and even struck up a conversation with the newsreader.

The little one then asked her mother: “Mummy, what's his name?” 

The newsreader said: “My name is Christian.”

Scarlett replied: “Christian, I'm just deciding where it can go and where mummy wants it to go.”

Dr Wenham said: “I think just on that shelf is great, thank you. I'm so sorry.”

Yet the newsreader remained in good spirits about the interview, joking it was 'the most informative interview I've done all day.”

What has Dr Clare Wenham said about the BBC interview?

Speaking to the BBC after being interrupted by Scarlett, Clare said it was ironic that this had happened given she recently wrote a piece for the British Medical Journal on the subject.

In it she argues that the collision between our personal and professional lives that has been brought about by the Covid-19 crisis may actually help further gender equality.

But she added that she never thought it would actually happen to her.

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