Who is Celebrity Best Home Cook star Tom Read Wilson dating?

TOM Read Wilson is best known as the bubbly receptionist from Celebs Go Dating.

Now he's featured in Celebrity Best Home Cook.

Does Tom Read Wilson have a girlfriend?

Tom Read Wilson is gay and it's not known if he has a partner.

He keeps his love life private, despite finding fame through romance reality show Celebs Go Dating.

Speaking to PinkNews in 2018, he called himself a "cheerleader for love".

He said: "Funnily enough, in the earlier days of dating for me – because I am a serial dater – I was a terrible self-editor.

"Later on in my dating life, I realised what I was attracted to in other people were often the curiosities and idiosyncracies and the nuances.

"I thought, 'why on earth am I trying to censor myself, or edit myself to get rid of those? Those should be the bits I’m celebrating.'

"That’s the most liberating notion. The person that’s going to fall for you is going to fall for all of those delicious curiosities.”

Who has Tom Read Wilson dated?

Tom's dating history isn't known, though in the same interview with PinkNews he said he's had "nightmare dating experiences".

He apparently once choked on lamb shank while talking on a dry date and was too proud to ask for help, so thought he was going to die.

When Tom is looking for love, he doesn't want to find someone like himself.

He said: “I want my partner to be radically different to me on every possible level.

"I always say I don’t physically have a type except radically different to me because I always think two-thirds of beauty lies in fascination."

Was Tom Read Wilson on The Voice?

Back in 2016, Tom did actually audition for The Voice.

He sang Accentuate the Positive and got a standing ovation from the judges.

However, no one turned around for him in time so he didn't progress in the competition.

Tom is from a musical theatre background.

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