Where was Friends filmed?

FRIENDS has been thrilling fans since it first aired back in 1994.

But despite the show being set in New York, it was actually filmed elsewhere.

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Where was Friends filmed?

New York

Sadly, although the show is set in New York, only the exterior shots you see between scenes were filmed in the Big Apple.

So when you see the outside of Monika's apartment, or the Manhatten skyline, that is real NY.

But apart from these shots, and despite the fact the characters are all New Yorkers, the hit series was filmed in the West Coast of America and not the East.

Los Angeles

That's right folks, Friends was really filmed in LA.

Almost everything we see was shot at the Warner Brothers Ranch Studios in California.

Stage 5 was used for the first season, and Stage 24 for the rest.

Producer Kevin Bright revealed to Boston Globe that all of the scenes were shot indoors.

He said: "We find that taking the show out of the studio makes it less funny, even when we shoot on the lot outside."

So even the Thanksgiving ball game in Season 3 was shot indoors.

This also applies to the opening credits where the cast are dancing around the famous fountain.

This was also filmed on Warner Brothers Ranch, and not in New York, as most fans think.

How can I watch Friends: The Reunion?

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