Where is Worthy Farm, who are Michael and Emily Eavis and where will Glastonbury Festival be held in 2019?

But where is the festival held, who owns the land and why is it moving in 2019? Here's all you need to know…

Where is Worthy Farm?

Located in the village of Pilton, Somerset, Worthy Farm is the birthplace of the nation's most famous festival.

The festival is named after the quirky town of Glastonbury, which is the closest big settlement and 20 minutes' drive from the farm itself.

One of south-west England's most famous events, Glastonbury Festival sees revellers descend on the usually-quiet town en masse.

Glastonbury town is known for its hippy and bohemian vibe, and is the home of a spiritual "new age" community.

But the locals have always had mixed feelings about the festival, which is as lucrative as it is inconvenient for locals with spare rooms and parking spaces to rent out.

Who are Michael and Emily Eavis?

Michael Eavis, the 81-year-old founder of Glastonbury Festival, is the owner of Worthy Farm.

These days, his youngest child Emily, 38, helps out as a co-organiser.

The pair are both very political, with lefty activist Michael responsible for inviting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to speak at the festival.

Michael is a devout Corbyn supporter and stood as Labour candidate for parliament in the constituency of Wells in the 1997 General Election.

His daughter Emily, who is set to eventually take over as the festival's organiser, currently books the acts for all main stages and works for charities throughout the rest of the year.

Why was Glastonbury Festival founded?

Michael Eavis inherited the farm from his dad in 1954, but it wasn't until 15 years later that he had the idea to host a festival.

In 1969, Michael was inspired by a Led Zeppelin performance at the Bath Festival of Blues, and hosted his own Pilton Pop Folk & Blues Festival one year later.

The following year, the festival morphed into Glastonbury Fair, which eventually evolved into the Glastonbury Festival which so many people know and love today.

What started out as a small hippy gathering now attracts around 175,000 revellers each year.

Today, Glastonbury is a huge contributor to the local economy, and much of the festival's profit is donated to charities.

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