Where is The Mallorca Files season 2 filmed?

BBC One's daytime drama The Mallorca Files has been a lockdown hit with fans who can only dream of a Mediterranean getaway.

Each episode of the police drama's second season is an isolated story, which leaves plenty of opportunity for Max and Miranda to visit all the corners of the Island. Here's where they filmed for the new season…

Where is The Mallorca Files season 2 filmed?

Cala Anguila 

The beach scenes in The Mallorca Files generally take place on Cala Anguila in Porto Cristo Novo.

At the start of season two, a woman drowns herself at the beginning of the episode. Cala Anguila provides the background for the grisly scene.

The beach is a small, cove beach on the Eastern side of the island, suitable for swimming and bordered by Mediterranean plants and pines.


Episode two of season two sees Max and Miranda visit a mountain village, from which a man has disappeared.

The scenes were filmed in the beautiful village of Artà, a town on the north-east of the Island.

Untouched by mass tourism, Artà shows Mallorca's authentic, rural side.

Estadi Son Moix

Episode four of the season sees Max and Miranda investigate death threats against Rico Alonso, star player for Real Mallorca

The crew managed to film at the real-life home of the Real Mallorca FC – Estadi Son Moix.

The opening scenes were even filmed during a live football match, for which the camera crew had to get special permission.

Rancho Grande Park

Episode six sees the pair investigate credit card fraud against tourists at a horse riding ranch.

The horse riding ranch in question is Rancho Grande Park, Mallorca’s largest horse ranch.

It's a huge hit with tourists on the island for its stunning views of the mountains.

Cuevas del Drach

Cuevas del Drach, or the Caves of Drach, are one of the island's main tourist attractions.

They feature in season two episode one in which an opera singer is supposedly murdered.

The caves feature stunning rock formations, as well as a magnificent underground lake.

When was The Mallorca Files season 2 filmed?

Although season two is going ahead, it will consist of just six episodes, instead of the ten that had been planned.

The production crew announced that filming had been disturbed by the Covid 19 pandemic.

They said in a statement: “It will come as no surprise that – like many other productions – filming of season two of The Mallorca Files was curtailed due to Covid-19… production on The Mallorca Files was shut down in March in the hope that the team would be able to restart production later in the year.”

But unfortunately, there was no sign that the island would be coming out of lockdown, meaning that the series could not be completed in time.

They continued: “Fortunately, by the time the island went into lockdown, six episodes of The Mallorca Files were already in the can and as each episode of the show is self-contained, it has meant production could deliver a second series as promised, albeit truncated.”

What is The Mallorca Files about?

The series follows British detective, Miranda Blake, and a German policeman, Max Winter as they solve crime on the island of Balearic island of Mallorca.

The unlikely duo didn't hit it off straight away, but began to warm to one another during series one.

It's a fast moving show as each episode focuses on a new crime – and it's been a hit with fans.

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