Where is ‘Money Heist’ Filmed?

The Spanish-language Netflix drama Money Heist follows a group of robbers who seize control over Spain’s Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain. The majority of the show takes place in these separate locations. But, fans might not know certain scenes were not filmed at the actual site So, where is Money Heist filmed? 

The ‘Money Heist’ crew filmed in multiple locations around Madrid

The Bank of Spain is the central bank of Spain. Established in Madrid by Charles III in 1782, the facility is used to stabilize the government finances through its state bonds. Often referred to as the “Chamber of Gold,” a vault containing most Spanish gold reserves, ingots, and old coins. In the Netflix series, The gang orchestrated the Bank of Spain heist to save Rio (Miguel Herrán) from the authorities.

In season 3 and beyond, most of the scenes take place inside the Bank of Spain. So, fans might be surprised to know the Money Heist crew did not film in the actual building. To recreate the Bank of Spain, the staff builts TV sets to replicate the Madrid Content City. At first, the team tried to film inside the building. But, their permit application was rejected for “security reasons.”

The show films in 300 locations in seven countries

Although the series takes place in Madrid, some scenes are filmed worldwide. The Netflix series films in multiple locations outside of Spain. Also, the shooting for the show has taken place in Denmark, Thailand, Italy, Panama, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. 

All five seasons of Money Heist are streaming now on Netflix.

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