Where is Celebrity Hunted filmed? Somerset House, The Isle of Wight and central London filming locations revealed

Here's the lowdown on the hit hide and seek show, including the filming location of the dramatic scenes…

What is the starting point for Celebrity Hunted?

Celebrities have to disappear from a London hotspot – Somerset House.

The vast landmark, which is absolutely crawling with security and CCTV, is located in Strand.

As soon as the celebrities are set loose at this location, it's up to them to decide where they'll be heading.

Show producers keep tight-lipped about where the contestants end up.

Where is Hunted HQ?

Hunted HQ, which is a hub for experienced agents and experts, is nestled in an undisclosed location in central London.

Among the crack-team of specialists are former detectives and anti-terrorism officers.

This includes:

  • Brett Loverage – Chief Hunter and former Head of Counter Terrorism Command for the City of London
  • Cindy Storer – Ex CIA Analyst
  • Ben Owen – Former member of British Military Intelligence and sniper
  • Peter 'Bleks' Bleksley – Former undercover detective with Scotland Yard

How are the celebrities filmed on Hunted?

To avoid detection, each celebrity is given their own cameraman to accompany them on their journey.

This raw footage gives viewers the real feeling of being on the run.

Channel 4's camera crew then follow the Hunters as they draw in closer on the fugitives.

Celebrity Hunted starts on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 9.15pm on Channel 4.

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