What We Do in the Shadows: meet the cast of the BBC show

What We Do in the Shadows is finally back on our screens for season two (and incidentally, all of it is already available on iPlayer). The mockumentary, which follows a group of vampires living in a house share in America, is simply hilarious thanks to the cast of comic actors.  Find out who is who in the popular show here…

Natasia Demetriou – Nadja

Natasia plays Nadja, the lady of the house who spends season one determined that her great love from the past had been reincarnated into a very normal guy named Jeff. Natasia is an English-Cypriot actress who has previously starred in Stath Lets Flats, which was written by her brother and co-star on the show, Jamie Demetriou. She is also set to star in the Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Kayvan Novak – Nandor the Relentless

Kayvan, 41, plays Nandor, a vampire who was originally a soldier in the Ottoman Empire and is also a stickler for house rules, hence his nickname. The actor has a hugely impressive filmography, and has previously starred as Waj in Four Lions, Cuban Fury, Paddington and Inside No. 9. ​​​​​​​

Matt Berry – Laszlo Cravensworth

BAFTA-winning star Matt, 46, plays Laszlo, Nadja’s lover who thinks of himself as something of a ladies’ man. Matt has previously starred in Toast of London, Year of the Rabbit and The IT Crowd. Speaking about how he landed the role, Matt previously revealed that he landed the role after doing a film with Jermaine Clement, who wrote the original film. 

He told Vulture: “[Jermaine] said, ‘I’m thinking of doing a vampire series based on the vampire film I did. Do you want to be in it?’ That’s literally it. It was as quick and simple as that.” 

Mark Proksch – Colin Robinson 

Mark plays Colin, an energy vampire who sucks energy rather than blood, making him extremely boring to be around and is generally avoided by his fellow housemates. The reality couldn’t be more different! Mark has starred in US version of The Office as Dwight’s assistant Nate, as well as Better Call Saul and Drunk History. 

Harvey Guillen – Guillermo De la Cruz 

Harvey plays Guillermo, a kind and friendly human who serves as Nandor’s familiar in the hopes of being turned into a vampire one day. Harvey has previously starred in The Good Place and The Magicians. 

Beanie Feldstein – Jenna 

Beanie might be well on her way to becoming a Hollywood sensation, with her 2019 film Booksmart being a huge hit, but she also stars on the show as Jenna, a former LARPer (live action role play) who is turned into a vampire by Nadja and becomes her progeny as Nadja helps her with the transition. Beanie has also starred in How to Build a Girl and Lady Bird, and is incidentally the younger sister of actor Jonah Hill. 

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