What Chris Sapphire From The Circle Is Up To Now

Chris Sapphire didn’t win The Circle‘s first season, but he made his way into viewers’ hearts and quickly became a fan-favorite. With his supportive words for the other contestants and his positive jokes on the Netflix show’s messaging board, like the status update “Still in The Circle, The Circle of Life,” Chris put a smile on pretty much everyone’s face. “Chris can relate to every single person,” contestant Shubham Goel said at one point in the series. He wasn’t wrong!

In the show’s Season 1 finale, before the contestants found out which person would win $100,000, Chris had the support of plenty of fans, including Karyn Blanco, who didn’t make it to the reality competition’s final round. “I’m a little biased. I’m Team Chris,” Karyn said to host Michelle Buteau during the finale. (Who wouldn’t root for someone who wanted to use the potential prize money to help his mom get dental work done?) Karyn also visited Chris when she left the show, and the two had a moving conversation about identity and acceptance.

“Keep it real, be nice, give everybody a fair chance, don’t judge folks,” Chris said during the first season finale. He didn’t take home the prize, but his upbeat words of wisdom moved plenty of fans. Here’s what the positive Texan has been up to since returning home from the reality show.

Chris has been posting plenty of sponsored content since leaving 'The Circle'

Like so many reality TV stars before him, Chris Sapphire has found post-show success creating sponsored Instagram posts. He frequently works with men’s grooming company Manscaped, and he’s also worked with TBS to promote the reality show Lost Resort. Hey, he might as well put those hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers to good use!

Chris also appears to have taken host Michelle Buteau’s advice and turned a profit off of his catchphrase about having “God-fidence,” or as it’s now spelled on his official merch, “Gawdfidence.” During his finale interview, Chris explained that his confidence comes from God and his Christian faith, and it looks like plenty of his fans feel the same way.

But besides some lucrative new marketing deals, Chris doesn’t seem to have changed much after his newfound fame. He still lives in Dallas and is still close with his mom. In February 2021, Chris shared an emotional Instagram post for his mom’s birthday, noting in his caption that she’s currently using the Invisalign dental treatment system and will be undergoing more dental work this year. Fans will be relieved to know that she’s still getting the treatments she needs, even though Chris didn’t win the reality competition. 

Even after the show, Chris is still putting smiles on people’s faces — literally, in his mom’s case.

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