‘Westworld’ Season 3: HBO Wants Antonio Banderas To Play Their Next Villain, Per ‘That Hashtag Show’

If this news is true, then Antonio’s character will be in a similar vein to that of ‘Skyfall’s’ Javier Bardem.

Viewers don’t know when Season 3 of HBO’s Westworld will air. In fact, filming hasn’t even begun on the latest installment of the hit sci-fi/western drama series. However, that hasn’t stopped some news trickling in about what fans can expect in Season 3.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Aaron Paul has already officially signed up for Season 3 of Westworld. Little is known about his character yet — not even whether he will play the role of the human or host. However, this is no surprise to viewers who quite often find they are looking at hosts and not humans when HBO manages to twist every storyline beyond what fans predict.

However, now it seems that HBO has set their eyes on the selection for their next Westworld villain. And, if they reportedly get their way, Antonio Banderas is their top pick for Season 3.

According to That Hashtag Show, HBO is eager to have Antonio Banderas on board for Season 3 of Westworld. In particular, HBO is keen to have Banderas take on a villainous role.

While HBO has yet to officially confirm this news, That Hashtag Show revealed that they have obtained information in relation to the potential casting. In addition, they stated that while details are being kept under tight wraps, Antonio’s Westworld character will be “in the same vein as Javier Bardem’s character in Skyfall.”

As Screen Rant points out, Bardem played Raoul Silva, a cyberterrorist “who turned out to be a former MI6 agent bent on getting revenge against his ex-colleagues.” They also suggest, based on this information about the Skyfall character, that it is possible Antonio’s role could be that of an employee of Delos “on some kind of mission to gain retribution against the company.”

While Banderas’ character is listed as a “villain,” it seems unlikely that, based on these descriptions of Javier Bardem that he really is a villainous character considering many fans already have a dislike for Delos. Although, perhaps he is trying to outright destroy Delos and all they have created in Westworld — including the hosts. If this is the case, then, yes, he would certainly be considered a villain for those viewers who are firmly on the side of the robotic hosts in Westworld.

However, as yet, this news is speculation and hasn’t been either confirmed or denied by HBO. In addition, Antonio Banderas has not yet made a statement on the matter either on the record or via his Twitter account. Viewers will just have to wait a little longer to find out if Antonio Banderas really is joining the cast of Westworld.

Season 3 of Westworld will premiere on HBO.

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