Weirdest Naked Attraction ink – ‘bat cave’, elephant trunk and ‘don’t touch’

Channel 4 show Naked Attraction may be one of the oddest shows to grace our screens in the UK, but viewers just can't get enough – so much so that it's now been on air for five years.

The show sees contestants all stand behind different coloured boards which slowly rise up to reveal each part of their body, starting with their nether regions before the final choices have their faces revealed and have to sell themselves to the chooser, who also strips off.

Contestants try and decide who they are the most compatible with based on physical appearance only, with some people being left offended by the brutal reasons for rejection.

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The show has seen people of all shapes and sizes, and more often than not, tattoos seem to be the main focus of conversation.

Here are the most "bizarre" tattoos to appear on the hit show so far.

You can't touch this

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One contestant bravely showed off her vagina tattoo which read "Don't Touch", along with a pair of hands held in a stop sign.

But sadly it was her inking which made fellow contestant Adam dump her from the show.

Adam let the woman go first because of the tattoo, saying that it "rang alarm bells because it seemed to say 'stay away'".

As the woman walked off the stage, she revealed it was meant to be a joke, before declaring it was "his loss, not hers".

She confirmed the tattoo was sarcastic because she was a "naughty girl".

Hung like a…

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When former stripper Matty Roche appeared on the show many fans rushed to Twitter to comment on the "massive" size of his manhood, which was surrounded by a tattoo of an elephant's head.

Speaking to The Liverpool Echo following his stint on the cheeky show, Matty explained why he went on the controversial series.

He said: "It’s not sexual, it’s just being comfortable in your own skin. It’s the way we’re all born."

The 'Bat Cave'

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Stephanie, 30, from Peterborough, had no shame when she proudly showed off her Batman tattoo which sat just above her vagina.

The cheeky minx revealed that she calls her vagina her "bat cave", in reference to her favourite superhero's hideout.

She ended up narrowing her choices down to two men for a date, and to help her make a decision Anna asked the lads what they thought of the intimate inking.

One of the dating hopefuls replied: "I'm looking to come face to face with the Dark Knight. First class."

And it seems Stephanie liked it too, as his comment ended up bagging him a date!

The man with 9 legs

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During one show Anna was particularly taken aback by one contestant's "massive octopus".

Kurt appeared on the show and after choosing his lucky lady to take on a date, whipped his kit off to reveal some rather large inking.

Starting at his armpit, the 28-year-old was covered in an octopus tattoo, which reached all the way down to his thigh.

Pointing out the piece, Anna couldn't help but make an innuendo, as she asked: "So, you've got a massive octopus?"

Mr Lover Lover

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One contestant, called Kim, left viewers particularly curious as she appeared to have "Mr" tattooed on her rear.

At the time, fans rushed to Twitter to speculate if she had a Mr at home but Kim never revealed what the inking meant.

Sadly for Kim she was knocked out in round three with just three competitors remaining after her potential date confessed she had a "lovely form".

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