Watch ‘Senior Youth Correspondent’ Richard Kind Go to VidCon on ‘Colbert’

Veteran actor Richard Kind dove into the convoluted world of memes and YouTube stardom in his first assignment as “Senior Youth Correspondent” for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

In a pre-taped segment, Kind explored VidCon, an annual gathering of YouTube stars and social media influencers. His report got off to a rousing, age-appropriate start as he scolded a group of kids for playing in a germ-infested ball pit. Kind then tried to figure out what it takes to go viral and found himself coerced into both the cinnamon challenge and learning how to floss.

Later in the video, Kind got some expert advice from actual YouTube celebrities. He learned how to take a perfect selfie with lifestyle vloggers Nikita Dragun and Joey Graceffa, tested the limits of his lactose intolerance with Hannah Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen” and attempted to defy gravity with food and fitness blogger Rosanna Pansino. “Sister, let me tell you something, wait until you see gravity,” Kind cracked to Pansino. “God is not a kind fella.”

After his myriad attempts to fit in with other YouTube celebrities, Kind ultimately discovered that the best way to go viral was to be his true, authentic self. So he set up his new channel, “Napping With Richard Kind.”

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