Walkers Christmas advert 2020: Watch the full Walkers Christmas advert HERE

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Christmas is still over a month away but retailers across Britain have already started launching their festive campaigns. Aldi’s beloved Kevin the Carrot has already made a welcome return as he gets caught up in a snow-capped adventure which references Eighties classics Top Gun and E.T.

Watch the full Walkers Christmas advert HERE

This year Walkers has dropped its own video on November 6 to spread a little Yuletide joy.

The campaign celebrates a festive flavour with its advert for A Sausage CaRoll which gently ribs the iconic Coca-Cola advert.

A van festooned in fairy lights pulls up in a suburban street with the slogan: “Sausage rolls are coming” emblazoned on the side.

Social media star LadBaby – real name Mark Hoyle – rings a doorbell and starts giving a rendition of a classic Christmas carol with a sausage roll twist.

Hoyle’s wife Roxanne also appears in the advertising campaign to add to the festive cheer along with some celebrities.

The commercial expands with other well-known faces appearing and singing a medley of carols albeit with some new lyrics.

Walkers and LadBaby have teamed up with the advert and the proceeds from the sales of the crisps going towards the UK food bank charity The Trussell Trust.

There is also an appearance from Walkers ambassador himself and football pundit Gary Lineker who is wearing a Scrooge-inspired Christmas jumper.

But his eyes soon light up when he spies some sausage roll crisps, which he quickly nabs before shutting the door on the carol singers.

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