Virgin River season 4: Pregnant Mel KISSES ex in front of Jack in cryptic first-look promo

Virgin River: Netflix share teaser for next episode

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For Virgin River fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) pregnancy cliffhanger from the end of season three, the wait is almost over, with season four of the Netflix drama just one month away. Heading into the fourth run, the true identity of Mel’s unborn child’s father remains an unknown with both Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) and her late ex Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies) both in the frame. 

While Netflix is yet to release a full-length trailer to tease what season four has in store, a short teaser has been spotted by fans online.

And it’s safe to say it’s a dramatic one as not only does Mel and her and her baby bump appear for the first time, but there’s also a first chance to see Jack and Mark from season four. 

In the teaser, shared on Instagram by fan account @Melckvirginriver, Mel and Jack are discussing Mel’s pregnancy.

“We’re having a baby,” a loved-up Mel says to her beau who beams and replies: “Hell yeah we are.”

The short teaser then cuts to a heavily pregnant Mel cradling her baby bump as she and Jack take a stroll.

Hand in hand, the pair wonderful a green and picturesque garden discussing baby names.

“I like the name Indiana,” Mel tells her other half before suggesting: “Or we can name him after you?”

But before Jack can be too swept away by Mel’s seemingly touching gesture, she drops a bombshell.

“We also have to consider Mark,” Mel says while looking wistfully into Jack’s eyes.

Stunned by her words, Jack turns to see Mark walking toward them.

“What’s Mark doing here?” a shell-shocked Jack says while Mel stays calm and collected.

“Well, the baby might be his remember,” Mel adds as Mark approaches.

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“Hey sweetheart,” Mark says as he plants a kiss on his ex, leaving Jack stunned.

But what could the cryptic teaser mean for the future of Jack and Mel?

With Mark’s death taking place before Virgin River began, it’s clear the sneak peek is a dream or vision of some sort.

But is it Jack struggling to deal with Mel’s paternity uncertainty, or is Mel being haunted further by memories of her ex?

Whatever the outcome, the short promo was enough to send excitement levels rising among the fandom.

Reacting to the clip, @virginriverseriesfan commented: “Here we go – Jack clearly has a nightmare,” followed by a fire emoji.

“Do not tease us like thaaaaat !!!!!!!” @catiaurell added while @riandadeunk fumed: “No more Mark please.”

“I love them together I hope it’s Jacks!!! Can’t wait to see!!” @annmarieaml weighed in while @annajeann suggested: “This has to be Jack having a nightmare. Omg!!! I can’t wait!!” (sic)

Virgin River season 4 premieres on Netflix on July 20.

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