Virgin River season 3: Who is Denny? New character is in search of his biological father

Virgin River: Alexandra Breckenridge stars in season two teaser

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Virgin River season three should arrive on Netflix in the latter half of 2021 and fans are keen to get all the latest news. They were thrilled to see two brand-new photos showing the latest additions to the cast. Who is Denny and what role will he play?

Who is Denny in Virgin River?

Virgin River season three will be arriving on Netflix in the near future and fans are keen to see what happens next for Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) and Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge). 

At the end of season two, Jack was shot by an anonymous attacker in his bar, and viewers wondered whether he would survive. 

Thankfully he is likely to appear in the upcoming season, along with a new addition, his sister Brie Sheridan (Zibby Allen).

The series has announced two other new cast members – Stacey Farber as Tara and Kai Bradbury as Denny. 

Fans already knew about Tara’s involvement in the series, as she offered to look after her mother Lilly’s (Lynda Boyd) baby. 

As for Denny, he makes an appearance in the Virgin River books by author Robyn Carr. 

Denny Cutler appears in book 14, titled Wild Man Creek. Carr describes him as “a 24-year-old who has served in the Marines and comes to Virgin River to find his biological father”.

Still, this is not to say he will play the same role in the TV adaptation. He may have a very different story to tell. 

Fans took to the Virgin River Instagram page to share their thoughts on his character. 

One viewer suggested he was in fact Tara’s boyfriend, but this theory was dispelled. 

Another fan, referring to Tara and Denny, said: “In my head we already formed a new couple haha.”

For those who have read the original source material, they will know how much of a journey Denny has made. 

One viewer said: “Can’t believe that Denny is here already !! If he’s the same as in the books he’s in for quite a ride.”

Fans have expressed their excitement ahead of the release and they are keen for an official date to be announced. 

One said: “Virgin River has been my favorite show since it came out. I have rewatched the series more than 4x already! I am so excited for the new season!!” [Sic]

One viewer gave a brief description of what fans can expect from Denny in the series. 

They said: “Denny has been dragged into business by the mafia. The boy must find the millions of dollars that drug dealers hid on Lily’s farm.

“But the boy himself does not know this. He doesn’t even know that his father is a drug lord. He thinks his father is a hero and died in Iraq.

“The boy studied at a prestigious college in London. His mother asked him to buy Lilly´s farm for her because she wants to breed horses. Well, then Lilly has a beautiful daughter -Tara, and the story began.”

Another fan said: “Awesome!!! Our first glimpse of season three… just have to wait seven more months until we can see it !”

Viewers are expecting the series to come out in November 2021, although this is yet to be confirmed. 

Actor Bradbury is on Instagram but he has not given anything away about his new role. 

The star is best known for his roles in Fort Salem and Motherland. 

If his Virgin River character really is in search of his real father, he is in for plenty of drama. 

Virgin River is streaming on Netflix now. 

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