Victoria Derbyshire suffers awkward wardrobe malfunction on BBC News ‘Oh my God’

Victoria Derbyshire misses her entrance on BBC News

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Victoria, 54, is infamous for presenting the news bulletins on the BBC News channel, as well as hosting her own self-titled programme on the network from 2015 to 2020. The broadcaster also participated in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! last year and showed viewers a more comical side to her character. However, she has become a viral internet sensation after the wardrobe malfunction she suffered on Thursday, which she has since taken to Twitter to explain.

In a clip, which has been seen by thousands on social media, the camera is seen panning the entirety of the studio.

Instead of standing up, however, Victoria is seen bending over as it seems she is struggling with something.

As the opening credits end and the camera shows the wall the presenter should be standing against, she is nowhere to be seen.

After several long seconds, the broadcaster walks into shot and simply says: “Sorry about that delay, good morning.”

True to her profession, the journalist carried on regardless of what happened and it wasn’t until she went on Twitter later in the day did she explain what had really gone on.

Posting a picture of a pair of high heels in view of her 150,600 followers, the presenter said they were behind the wardrobe malfunction.

The broadcaster wrote: “Oh God, I couldn’t get my very high heels on,” and many other social media users responded to the blunder.

One wrote: “I can personally testify that the phenomenon (and associated hazards) of female presenters putting on very high heeled ‘TV shoes’ just to ‘walk’ a handful of steps around the studio floor is a real thing. Very nice shoes, by the way, Victoria.”

Another viewer posted: “I mean, not really needed for television news. Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely.”

Couldn’t get my very high heels on

Victoria Derbyshire

Whilst a third remarked of how professional the presenter was: “The calmness of @vicderbyshire when she goes to camera is quite special.”

This isn’t the first time the journalist has been caught unawares as she made a rather big mistake when discussing some political news.

Instead of calling Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt, 54, by his name, she had a slip of the tongue and called him “Jeremy C**t”.

In the moment, the journalist immediately apologised and told her guests she had “never” used such a word before.

The presenter said: “I’m so sorry, Jeremy Hunt. I’ve never said that before in my life. It’s usually men who say that so I really really want to apologise. I’m sorry.”

Talking about it whilst taking part in the ITV reality show, she said: “I mispronounced his name. It was excruciating.

“It was awful, I buried my head in my hands,” the broadcaster said of the embarrassing moment.

When her show came to an end last year, Victoria shared her “disappointment” BBC bosses had made the decision to try and save money.

The presenter wrote on Twitter: “Absolutely devastated at the plan to end our programme (which I first learned about in The Times).

“I’m unbelievably proud of what our team and our show have achieved in under five years.

“Breaking tonnes of original stories (which we were asked to do); attracting a working class, young, diverse audience that BBC radio and TV news programmes just don’t reach (which we were asked to do); and smashing the digital figures (which we were asked to do).”

“I’m gutted particularly for our brilliant, young, ambitious, talented team – love them. And for all those people we gave a voice to, love them too,” she added.

BBC News is available to access 24 hours a day on the BBC News channel.

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