Vicar Charles reveals dark side as he leaves Nicola to die in Emmerdale?

Charles (Kevin Mathurin) is the most amicable man on the planet, but when the opportunity arrives in Emmerdale to off his enemy, will even he be able to pass it up?

A storm as ferocious as Nicola’s (Nicola Wheeler) temper will ravage the village and it’s likely not everyone will make it out the other side. But it may not be the storm that claims the lives – it could be the people.

Nicola is still hellbent on bringing Charles down after her vow to destroy him, and she began her quest by reporting him to the bishop with a bunch of lies about him abusing his power.

Charles is gobsmacked at this behaviour but is ultimately not surprised given that it’s Nicola. It’s not looking good for him though as the bishop believes her fibs and even the meek-mannered vicar is starting to lose his cool.

The war between them is gathering pace, much like the storm, and things are set to come to a head when the wedding finally rolls around.

Nicola finds herself in an awkward situation when, following the ceremony, she’s stuck without a lift as the weather takes a turn.

Being the bigger man and watching out for his flock, Charles offers her a lift to Home Farm. With no other option, Nicola is forced to swallow her pride and accept.

But as the pair make their way to the reception, they are disturbed to find the minibus that should have been ferrying guests to the reception abandoned. With no wedding guests in sight, Nicola becomes frightened for Jimmy and heads off into the storm in search of him.

Charles, ever bound by his duty, feels he cannot leave her to search alone and forces himself to follow.

The couple bicker as they trudge through the woods in search of the passengers, but quickly realise the weather has deteriorated to the point that they need to find shelter. They stumble across a small derelict building and head towards it.

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But their surroundings become treacherous and Charles jumps to save Nicola when a tree almost crashes down on top of her. Of course, she isn’t the slightest bit grateful, and her tongue remains alarmingly acidic.

But suddenly her tone changes when her chest tightens, and she starts having a panic attack.

Fed up with her vitriol, Charles makes a shock decision – will he walk away and leave her to die alone?

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