Van Der Valk star promises a 'real action ending' to season one and gives update on series two

VAN Der Valk star Maimie McCoy has promised a 'real action ending' to season one.

The rebooted ITV drama concludes tonight and Maimie, who plays Lucienne Hassell, has promised fans a gripping finale.

Speaking to Bustle, she said: "My character and Emma Fielding's character, our boss (played by Julia Dahlman), also have to go back to our past and it explains a lot about why Van der Valk is so moody.

"It has a real action ending too. If you haven’t seen the first two episodes, you could definitely pick it up."

Series two was already in the works but Maimie revealed during an interview with This Morning on Friday that filming in Amsterdam had been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the cast are obviously disappointed by the delay, Marc is excited about what comes next for his titular character.

He said: "Until you’re on set and the clapper board comes out, anything can happen.

"All being well, we will shoot a second series and I’m really looking forward to it.

"I have a vague idea of what the episodes will be about and am in regular contact with the writer.

"Chris [Murray] is very open to everyone contributing, there doesn’t seem to be any ego to him. He’s very open to inclusion."

As for her character, Maimie added: "I’m really looking forward to revealing elements of every member on the team's personal lives.

"There are so many intricate plot lines going on and I think it’d be great to see more of Lucienne and how her character develops more through the series."

Van Der Valk concludes tonight at 8.20pm on ITV.

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