Top Gear fans rage as popular Jeremy Clarkson episodes are mysteriously pulled from Netflix

TOP GEAR fans have been left raging after popular Jeremy Clarkson episodes were mysteriously pulled from Netflix. 

Petrol heads had been able to watch their favourite episodes featuring the former host but they appear to have been taken down from Netflix. 

However, many car fanatics were left very upset when they realised some of the older episodes featuring the original hosts had been removed. 

Fans of the show were outraged and flocked to Twitter to express their rage. 

“Whyyy have you removed top gear off UK Netflix?” wrote one.  

While another penned: “Where’s all of Top Gear gone???”  

Some unlucky viewers claim they were actually watching an episode when it was removed. 

“Why was I halfway through the #TopGear special when it got removed. I didn’t sit through part one to have to watch part two on a YouTube screen with the quality of a Nokia brick,” fumed one. 

Another dramatic soul moaned: “I have never felt so sad in my life, for some reason Top Gear is gone from Netflix!!!”

For those dreadfully concerned and anxious about how to fill their time without the motor-related escapades of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, don’t panic. 

Having checked Netflix, The Sun can confirm Netflix has put some vintage episodes back on. 

However, it seems that isn’t good enough for everyone with many still tweeting the streaming giant asking them to put the show back on in its entirety. 

One wrote: “Please @netflix @NetflixUK re-add them all and bring it back to glory as this was the only place where you can watch Top Gear anymore. So disappointed, please save the day!”

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Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from his lucrative television job at the BBC after fronting the show for over 27 years.

His departure came as a result of an altercation with another member of staff.

Rather than carry on without their leader, Richard Hammond and James May decided to leave.

The trio launched their new car show The Grand Tour on streaming service Amazon Prime.

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