Top Boy fans ‘work out’ how Dushane dies after spotting cryptic clue

Top Boy: Season 3 official trailer on Netflix

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Top Boy. 

Top Boy fans are predicting Dushane’s death after spotting cryptic clues indicating how his time will come to an end.

The critically acclaimed London gang drama has been away from Netflix for the past year with subscribers desperate to know how it plays out after an unpredictable finale.

Unfortunately, shortly after its renewal, it came out this was going to be Top Boy’s last and so show-ending theories have been making the rounds.

Among them are ones about Dushane (played by Ashley Walters) who has been at the top of the Summerhouse gang for quite some time, living the high life with Shelley (Little Simz).

But it hasn’t gone unnoticed he has been dealing with some personal issues he hasn’t yet opened up about.

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In the second season, Dushane was seen suffering from what looked like panic attacks and clutching at his heart.

This has led some to think this is how the gangster’s story is going to reach its end.

Starting off the conversation on Reddit, one Top Boy fan wrote: “100per cent.

“You can’t be doing all dis dirt on roads for all these years and not die or do life in prison.

“Top Boy’s known for making the show as real as possible to show the repercussions of that life. So y’know it’s coming [sic].”

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This led to another follower commenting: “I’m still saying Dushane is gonna die of a heart attack.

“They have been foreshadowing these anxiety/panic attacks and it hasn’t reached its climax yet…

“I felt like it wasn’t really resolved [in season two] and as it’s gonna be the last season I felt like that’s what they were gonna lead up to.”

Another agreed: “Nothing good comes out of living your life of being a gang member, drug dealer or being in a high position like Dushane. Everything will go sour at the end of the show.”

Alternatively, there are some who think it is going to be Sully (Kane “Kano” Robinson) who will be killed off.

He stunned fans in the previous series when he murdered Jamie (Micheal Ward) on his doorstep, making himself even more enemies than he had before.

So could either Dushane or Sully be killed off in the final episodes and if so, how will they go?

Top Boy season three premieres on Thursday, September 7, on Netflix.

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