Today’s Hoda Kotb moved to tears after ‘incredible’ surprise

Hoda Kotb shocked by surprise Today Show Performance

On Wednesday, Hoda Ktob was surrounded by her co-stars as she took to the streets outside the Plaza to seemingly speak to fans of the show. 

Alongside Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones, the host wanted to find out which fan had travelled the furthest. 

As the show returned from a commercial break, Hoda stated: “There are a lot of people who travelled from far to get here today.

“But we think we found the person who travelled the farthest,” as she scanned the crowd Hoda asked: “Where is Cian?”

An unsuspecting Hoda walked over to Cian after he raised his arm and probed: “Cian, you travelled the farthest, where did you come from?”

Speaking into the microphone, he responded: “I came all the way from Ireland, but I actually brought something special for you, if you don’t mind.”

As Cian reached behind him, he unveiled his guitar and began to serenade Hoda with a special performance of his song, I’ll Be Waiting.

Although Hoda was taken aback by the impromptu gig, the broadcaster was floored when she realised the others in the crowd were actually a choir, after they also began singing. 

A surprised Hoda took a step back as she tearfully glanced at the crowd and looked at her co-stars with her jaw dropped. 

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As Cian and the choir continued their heartwarming performance, Hoda wiped away tears and clapped along with the crowd. 

After the singing wrapped up, the stunned broadcaster asked: “Wait, what just happened?”

Carson Daly stepped in and explained: “This is not your average Today show fan right here, this one of our aspiring great new voices coming out, this is Cian Ducrot.

“Cian is from Ireland and just opened up for Ed Sheeran last month and the Jonas Brothers, it is all happening in popular music right at this moment, for Cian.”

As Carson turned to the singer, he added: “It’s great to have you here and the choir as well. We wanted to surprise Hoda.”

To which she stated: “This choir’s incredible, I was in tears. That was so beautiful.”

Carson continued: “This flash mob that Cian’s been doing, what’s the reaction been?”

“It’s been pretty good,” Cian admitted, “Usually at the start people are confused. ‘Why is this random guy singing?’ And then the choir joins and it’s like, ‘Oh, he’s the real deal.’”

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