Tipping Point fans cringe as ‘cutie’ player ‘fumes’ as buzzer tactic backfires

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Tipping Point fans were left cringing on Tuesday after a "cutie" player repeatedly buzzed in too quickly.

Contestant Meghan had plenty of viewers distracted with her "sexy" looks, as her sleek blonde hair fell into glamorous waves past her shoulders – but her answers left a bit to be desired.

When quizzed by host Ben Shephard on which English Prime Minister was referred to by the initials 'WC', Meghan seemed to mix up her words as she buzzed in quickly to answer: "William Churchill."

The correct answer was, of course, Winston Churchill.

And later, as Ben began the question: "In the phrase 'keep your friends close-'", Meghan interrupted to say: "Closer".

But Ben was actually looking for the word "enemies" to complete the phrase, which she might have got had she not buzzed so quickly.

She lost out on the three counters up for grabs in the penalty pot, and left with no cash in her own prize pot, despite getting one question correct earlier on.

Meghan knew the name of the iconic scientist Marie Curie, but failed to scoop any counters out of the stubborn Tipping Point machine.

And though viewers were devastated to see Meghan's early exit, some were baffled by her answers, as they took to Twitter in droves to share their outrage.

"Who the f*** is William Churchill, Meghan?!" one posted, as another added: "William Churchill? Oh she didn't."

"William Churchill? Must be Winston's cousin!" another joked.

Someone else had some constructive criticism for the blonde bombshell, as they penned: "Meghan needs to stop answering so quickly!"

"Meghan's not very good at listening to the questions," someone else complained.

Others were simply upset to see her gone, with one writing: "A million hearts are broken as Meghan is eliminated!"

Someone else labelled her "fit" and with a "sexy accent" as they mourned her early exit.

"I've lost interest," another said sadly. "Meghan's out… and so am I."

"Meghan's f***ing raging!" another posted as she lost out on the penalty pot counters.

"Look at Meg standing there all fuming!" another pointed out.

Eventually, it was Tanya and Matthew who made it through to the final head to head.

And plenty of viewers were distracted by Matthew's rather dapper suit, as they suggested he could be off to a "job interview".

"Has Matthew confused Tipping Point for a job interview?" someone wondered, as another penned: "Matthew is off to a job interview afterwards!"

But in a huge Tipping Point twist, Matthew scooped enough counters in the final question to oust Tanya from her perch on the leader's podium, and stormed through to the final.

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