Tipping Point contestants bursts into tears after 'cruel, torturous' final round – leaving Ben Shephard stunned

A TIPPING Point contestant broke down in tears after a "cruel, torturous" final round – which left host Ben Shephard stunned.

On Tuesday evening's instalment of the ITV game show, contestants Carol, Glyn, Steph and Luke were battling it out to win the £10,000 prize fund.

But it was work experience coordinator Carol who managed to beat off her components and get herself to the last round.

Ben asked her what she'd like to spend the hefty cash prize on and Carol replied: "I have a bucket list of three things that I wanted to do and be on a game show is number two, so I can now go 'tick'.

She continued: "The other one was to start to grow old disgracefully and last year I got a tattoo…

"And the last thing on my list is to go to Collarado, so I'm hoping that today will give me the opportunity to go there and turn left on the areoplane, rather than right."

Carol decided to drop the jackpot counter into zone three.

Ben reminded her knocking the double counter off, which was also in zone three, would enable her to go home with a whopping £20,000.

And if she got both counters, she could go home with £30,000.

She went on to try and get as much money as she could, answering questions from six categories – sport, film, classical music, literature, transport fashion.

Although Carol managed to push the jackpot counter close to the edge after the first question, things only started to go downhill from there.

She just couldn't manage to budge the counter, no matter how hard she tried and it looked like she wasn't going to get anywhere with it.

"We're really close here, you're doing a cracking job Carol," Ben told her as she started to give up hope.

But things started to look up after answering a question about a popular 2019 novel.

She managed to knock off the double counter, bagging herself a huge amount of money.

During the next question topic Carol got the counter to edge the jackpoint counter right next to the edge.

Ben said: "One more to go Carol, look how close it is!"

She replied: "I know. It's just teetering on the edge!"

The host added: "It's teasing us!"

After the next set of questions Carol needed one counter to knock the rest so that it dropped, but they all became stuck.

Ben shouted: “No, no, no, no! Now do it! Now it's a James Bond cliffhanger."

Carol shared her worries as the rest of the counters weighted it down, making it harder to drop.

After giving up hope with the jackpoint counter, describing the situation as "torture", Ben her the chance to trade the money that she'd got in the bank to give her another three counters to try and nudge it.

She said: "Because it was my bucket list just to be on a gameshow… I'm going to say what the heck.

"I'm going to trade. I would like to see if I can get the jackpot."

And taking a chance definitely paid off as the first counter managed to knock it off.

Carol was overwhelmed with emotion and told Ben: "It means I can do number three on my bucket list…"

A happy Ben wished her all the best and asked her to send a postcard.

The epic episode comes after another contestant snapped "how dare you!" at Ben when he mocked them for giving the wrong answer.

In in the penultimate round contestant Michael passed his question onto opponent Danny.

Ben asked: "In Greek mythology, which son of the Titan, Iapetus, stole fire from the gods and has a chemical element named after him?”

Danny took a wild guess and replied: "The only thing I can think of is titanium. I don’t even know if that’s a chemical element.”

Ben went on to say: “It was a good pass there Michael. I don’t know how you knew that Danny wouldn’t be into his Greek mythology."

But Danny didn't see the funny side of things and snapped back: "How dare you!"

Watch the next episode of Tipping Point this evening at 4.00pm on ITV

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