This Morning sees relationship expert defend Strictly's Katya Jones and Seann Walsh's drunken kiss

This Morning‘s Vanessa Feltz got into a fiery row with a relationship expert who defended Strictly Come Dancing stars Seann Walsh and Katya Jones’ drunken kiss, which has now seen the comedian dumped by his girlfriend Rebecca Humphries.

Sex and relationship therapist Louise Van Der Velde felt the sensual Strictly dancing encouraged affairs and there is nothing to forgive as ‘marriages aren’t real’.

Speaking to This Mornings Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, she explained: “Basically we’ve got to look at where the marriage model comes from, it hasn’t had an overhaul for 150 years.

“It’s an outdated model. Boy meets girl, you are meant to be staying together only having desire for each other – is that realistic?

“Desire lasts for 18 months to 3 years on average. Why can’t you have love and have fun, as well?”

On the subject of Seann’s now ex-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries, who dumped the star in a heartbreaking open letter on social media, Louise said: “In the same statement she said, ‘I’m not being a victim, but he’s made me feel worthless.

“I’m sorry, but you’re responsible for the emotions that you choose to feel. And it takes on average ten minutes to clear that sense of worthlessness she feels.”

But former Strictly Come Dancing star Vanessa slammed Seann and Katya for cheating on their partners with the kiss.

She said: “I’m not that sure about the word ‘drunken’, why does that make it anymore forgivable, it’s not as if someone force fed them the alcohol.

“They were drinking and drinking to the point that they must have known they were drunk as anything and they would be inhibited, so they have to take responsibility for that.

“And also, having done Strictly, because I did it in 2013 – you know that you’re being followed, you’re under such scrutiny, they’ve got millions of viewers.”

Phil then asked if Vanessa fell for her former Strictly professional dance partner James Jordan, and she said: “Definitely, for about three or four days, I was headlong in love with him. How could you not be?

“And all that sexy dancing. I remember him saying to me ‘put your foo foo on my thigh’ and I thought ‘God, no-one has said that to me for years. How fantastic’.

“‘Just push your mhm mhms up against my chest’, and I thought ‘Oh boy, this is my birthday’.”

Louise asked why she didn’t go for it, but Vanessa snapped back: “Because I’m in a loving relationship and he’s very happily married, you know, I’m a grown up and I realise it’s a TV show.

“You’re not supposed to cop off with your hired professional, plus I was aware that they’re paid to be nice to you and they do the same with everybody that they dance with every series.

“So you’re not supposed to fall for it and take it too seriously.”

Despite condemning her actions, Vanessa didn’t feel the duo should quit the show and said that one famous broadcaster she knows has been banned from doing the BBC show by his wife, because of the so-called’Strictly curse’.

“In my year, which was 2013, Rachel from Countdown left her husband and ended up with Pasha Kovalev, and Ben Cohen the rugby player left his wife and ended up with Kristina Rihanoff,” Vanessa added. “It really does happen.”

Phil added: “It happens on Dancing on Ice, sometimes publicly, sometimes not. Some people have stayed together ever since they came on the show.”

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