This Morning fans in hysterics at Eamonn Holmes’ face as 83-year-old ‘cougar’ discusses her privates and sex life – The Sun

THIS Morning fans were in hysterics today at Eamonn Holmes' facial expressions after an 83-year-old cougar started talking about her privates.

The 59-year-old host was shocked when New York-based grandmother Hattie Retroage started discussing sex and her nether regions live on air.

She told Eamonn and wife Ruth Langsford: "I created a new word called a heart-ectomy. And that is seperating my heart from my privates. What do you think of that?"

Eamonn horrified face quickly betrayed exactly what he thought of that – leaving many viewers rewinding the moment again and again.

One wrote: "Eamonn's face say's it all lmao."

Another tweeted: "@EamonnHolmes face talking to this randy granny has my whole house in stitches. We keep rewinding 😂😂."

A third posted: "Separating my heart from my privates….." and @EamonnHolmes' face said it all 😂."

It fell to Ruth to get the show back on track, sympathising with Hattie, saying: "It can be passionate. It can be one night. If they never call you again, you just move on."

She agreed: "I can't allow myself to moan and groan about it because I desired that one person but I have found every man with whom I've slept to be interesting, engaging, sexually satisfying.

"I have never had an affair. I've never messed with a married man, I practise safe sex and I'm kind. It seems to bring out the best in men. And young men want to satisfy an older woman."

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