These Stars Freaked Out Over Being Jeopardy Clues — Can You Guess Them All?


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What Is Fuller House?

The actress broke her social media hiatus to show her excitement about being included in a clue. “I guess Jeopardy! brought me back from my social media break ??,” Cameron Bure wrote on Instagram. “This makes me giggle so much—being one of tonight’s questions for the Greatest of All Time contestants. What is #FullerHouse.”

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What Is Wasabi?

Okay so Katie Lee herself wasn’t the actual answer, but the chef and new mom was nonetheless pumped to have her quotes used as a February 2021 Jeopardy question. “Look Ma, I made it!!” she tweeted.

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Host Alex Trebek’s hint: “This comic did the standup special, New in Town.”

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Who Is John Mulaney?

The comedian shared the exciting news on Twitter by posting a clip from the show, and writing, “I turned the volume all the way up but I think [the contestant] says, ‘what is John Mulaney?’ Which is a good question.”

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Who Is Lizzo?

The rapper was hyped to see that she was “100% that clue” on the game show. She tweeted, “THATS IT THATS IT B—- IM TAKING THIS W ALL THE WAY HOME BYEEEEE B—-” accompanied by a bunch of shocked emojis. 

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Who Is Jennifer Garner?

The Alias star was so excited to be an answer on Jeopardy that she photoshopped a photo of her head onto a contestant’s body and shared it with Instagram. 

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Who Is Mindy Kaling?

Kaling was feeling #blessed to be included on the show. She tweeted, “I’ve been told I was a clue on @jeopardy tonight and I just feel #blessed that I could be apart of this #JeopardyJames era.”

#JeopardyJames is a reference to contestant James Holzhauer, who had an epic 33 game streakjeams on the show and earned himself almost $2.5 million–the third highest overall in Jeopardy history. 

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What Is When I Get Home?

Solange had a laugh when she was mentioned in a clue, but mostly because no one knew the answer.

The singer took it all in stride, tweeting simply, “lmaoooooo,” in response to the contestants’ silence.

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What Is That ’70s Show?

It’s a two-for-one clue! Kutcher was excited to see his name alongside his wife’s on the iconic blue screen. Also super sweet? His response to the clue, about the show on which he met Kunis: “My girl got first billing.”

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Who Is Rachel Bloom?

The actress was ready to take it personally if no one buzzed in.

Bloom tweeted, “If no one gets [the answer] right it means the contestants hate women and that is the only conclusion to draw.”

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What Is ‘Ring Bearer’?

Simpson was so tickled by the clue that she offered to pay up even if the contestant didn’t end up winning the show.

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What Is RuPaul’s Drag Race?

You better work! RuPaul was gagged and gooped to see that his Emmy Award-winning TV show was an answer to this clue. Ru tweeted that he “LOVED” being included in the game.

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Who Is Silent Bob?

Smith got sentimental about his inclusion on the show, saying, “Every night I used to work the register at Quick Stop, I’d always watch Jeopardy. That convenience store kid’s mind would be melted if he found out he’d be a clue on the show one day.”

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What Is American Horror Story?

Eichner absolutely lost his mind when he saw that he was a clue. He tweeted, “Oh My God I was a clue on JEOPARDY today!!! I’m freaking out!”

He couldn’t help but spoil the answer himself: “WHAT IS…AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!!”

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What Is ‘Gorgeous’? 

Brie said that her “parents would be proud” getting to see her name on the iconic blue screen.

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What Is Silicon Valley?

Nanjiani had his whole day made when he saw that he was on Jeopardy. Let’s just hope that the contestant answering that question is better with their prize money than Kumail’s character! 

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What Is NCIS?

Perrette, who played Abby Sciuto for a whopping 15 seasons of the crime series, was thrilled to be featured (again) on the quiz show.

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Who Is Dolly Parton? 

The clue, of course, is referring to Parton’s album, Pure & Simple, which she called her “Love of Many Colors album.” The woman to get it right, Karen, unfortunately didn’t win, but she was a winner in Dolly’s eyes.

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Who Is Nick Offerman?

Mullally tweeted, “real clue from yesterday. Jeopardy is getting dank,” when she saw that she (and her husband) were part of the show. 

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