Theo gets more sinister as Stacey refuses his sexual sick request in EastEnders

Creepy teacher Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) has developed a worrying obsession with Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) in EastEnders, and left her horrified as he took things to the next level in recent scenes.

Stacey has been privately video calling an anonymous client in order to earn enough cash to keep her afloat, though this has caused trouble in her relationship with Martin Fowler (James Bye).

What Stacey doesn’t know is that the client is actually Theo, who has been in her home every day tutoring pregnant Lily Slater (Lillia Turner).

In a bid to build bridges with Martin, who she had only just started dating again, Stacey explained exactly what happened on her private video calls.

She revealed that he never asked her for anything sexual, and it was just ‘knickers and a natter’.

Martin seemed more comfortable with the whole premise after their discussion, as they surmised that the client must just be a sad, old man.

However, the unsuspecting couple didn’t realise that he was sitting right behind them, and their conversation had given him an idea.

When Stacey later logged on to the call, she was met with a sickening sexual request, which caused her to slam her laptop shut.

This caused even more trouble when Martin later found the message, and accused her of lying about the requests from her client.

When Stacey explained that she was about to tell him where to shove his request, she decided that her cam work wasn’t what was causing the problem in their relationship, but the lack of trust.

Gutted Stacey decided to call it quits, and agreed with Martin to go back to co-parenting.

Later, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), who had already offered her advice on the client’s request, found an upset Stacey in the kitchen.

As Stacey replied to Theo stating that she wasn’t interested in doing what he’d asked for, she and Eve were shocked by his response.

‘Is it because you are back with your ex?’ He wrote.

This left Stacey feeling sick to her stomach, as she admitted to Eve that she hadn’t told him anything about her situation with Martin, meaning that the client must be someone she knew in real life.

Is Stacey set to rumble Theo?

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