‘The Young And The Restless’ Storyline Shocker Reveals Ashley Switched Jack’s DNA And Leaves Fans Mad

Today on The Young and the Restless, Ashley finally revealed the truth about Jack’s biological father.

According to the Inquisitr‘s Y&R recap for Friday, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) pulled a Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) move, and she paid Andrew (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) to switch Jack’s (Peter Bergman) DNA setting off a chain of events that rocked Jack’s world. Being an Abbott is an integral piece of Jack’s identity, and removing John Abbott from the equation caused Jack to flounder as he desperately searched for his new identity.

Jack quit Jabot, which is a move that led to Billy (Jason Thompson), then Traci (Beth Maitland), and finally Ashley (Eileen Davidson) taking over the top spot at the family company. He searched in vain for a biological father that he never found. It turns out Ashley knew the truth the entire time.

The whole thing started when Jack cruelly threw the blood Abbott clause in Ashley’s face — a moment which cut her deeply. She could never be CEO of Jabot because of the provision, and Jack used that to hurt her. Since then, she’s plotted her revenge and manipulated her way into the top spot.

However, is this type of long game revenge plan out of character for Ashley? Some longtime viewers and fans discussed the possibilities.

Twitter user Jeri Bruen replied to a post from the show’s official account. She wrote, “I felt all along that Jack was an Abbott, but I thought it was Kyle that changed the DNA, not Ashley. I didn’t see that one coming, but I know she wanted to be CEO more than anything.”

When Y&R tweeted and asked who saw the plot twist coming, some fans replied they felt the show had purposefully changed the storyline because of fan outrage while others believed that the entire situation didn’t fit with Ashley’s character at all.

Janet Fitzgerald replied “I did. But it is totally out of character for Ashley to do this.”

Another disgruntled viewer explained how difficult it is to see the siblings’ formerly close relationship crumble as actress Eileen Davidson leaves the show. “Everyone. Although it makes no sense and Ashley wouldn’t have done it, but now you’re scrambling to write her off in a way that ruins her character.”

Overall, while fans appreciate that all is back as it should be in Genoa City with Jack being John Abbott’s son, they don’t like the storyline, and some felt it wasted viewers’ time.

“We all did!! The suits at Y&R listened to the fans that were in an uproar when they wrote that Jack wasn’t John’s son! That was the most asinine storyline ever!! To try and change the history of the show was crazy!”

No matter how much they disliked the way the storyline happened, many fans and even actors like Eric Braeden expressed that Eileen Davidson and Peter Bergman gave superb performances the past few days.

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