'The Young and the Restless' Shocker: Donny Boaz Makes Last Appearance as Chance Chancellor

In a shocking turn of events, The Young and the Restless star Donny Boaz announced Sunday that he would be exiting the show as Chance Chancellor. It is a stunning announcement for fans (and seemingly, the actor himself) Boaz’s departure seems unexpected and came out of nowhere.

Donny Boaz as Chance Chancellor on ‘The Young and the Restless’

Boaz has played Chance Chancellor, a legacy character on The Young and the Restless since 2019. He is the second adult actor in the role, following Guiding Light alumnus John Driscoll, who was in the role for two years from 2009 to 2011. Several years passed before Chance was written back on the show, played by Boaz.

Chance is the son Nina Webster and Phillip Chancellor III, and the grandson of the late Katherine Chancellor. He used to be in the military but worked as police detective when he came back to the show. The character got romantically involved with Abby Newman and they got married.

Donny Boaz was briefly out of the role last year when he had COVID-19

He wrote, “I have a little news that I need to share. “A few weeks ago, I tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, I did not have any symptoms In following guidelines, I quarantined at home so you may not see me on Y&R for a bit. I’m happy to say I’ve returned to work and will be back on the air very soon. Thank you for the continued support.”

The actor’s temporary replacement was right around the corner. The show tapped Justin Gaston (the husband of Melissa Ordway, who plays Abby) to step in the role whiile Boaz was out.

Donny Boaz announces his ‘The Young and the Restless’ exit

On Instagram, Boaz announced a day before his Feb. 1 exit that he was out at the show. According to Soaps.com, he wrote in his initial post that he was not leaving of his own accord, stating, “I’d love to say that this was my choice, that I’ve booked the next big project and [am] leaving of my own accord… but that wouldn’t be the truth.”

As reported by Daytime Confidential, he also gave a timeline of events, which is now edited out of his post:

Dec 22nd: I received my schedule with filming dates through March 2021.

Dec 23: filmed our last day of 2020. Flew to Dallas for the holidays with family.

Dec 24th: At 4pm, I received a phone call, from the powers that be, telling me that Y&R was not going to renew my contract for another cycle.

Merry Christmas.

In the new caption, Boaz revealed that Chance would just be written off and nothing else. “I was told that Chance is NOT being replaced or killed off,” he said. “He’s just not gonna be there anymore. Overall, I am grateful and thankful for this amazing opportunity. I know that I’m walking away from this better at my craft than before I started. 108 episodes.”

He also thanked the show, his fellow cast members, the crew, and the fans. “I want to thank #yr for this amazing opportunity,” he continued. “I want to thank the fans. You all have been AMAZING. Thank you. I want to thank everyone associated with Y&R, my cast mates and the crew. You will be missed. I want to thank my agents and manager for bringing this opportunity into my life. We are optimistic for what is to come”

Lastly, he gave a shoutout to Ordway his on-screen scene partner, lamenting at the fact that their time together is over, at least for now. “I know I said I wanted us to be the greatest daytime tv couple ever, I aimed high, I’m sorry we didn’t get to see it through,” he added. “Working with you has been my absolute pleasure and I can easily say that you are one of the greatest actresses I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.”

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