‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Recap: Contestants Hit the Stage Prior to The Knockouts

The final night of Battle Rounds of “The Voice” season 25 aired on Monday, October 22. The night saw the singers performing for the last time before heading to The Knockouts. Find out who was sent to the next round!

Blake Shelton‘s artists Keith Paluso and Dave Fenney opened the night with a magnificent performance of “I’m a One Woman Man” by George Jones. The battle showcased Dave’s wide range, while Keith flaunted his raspy range. Eventually, Blake chose to keep Keith. Dave’s journey didn’t stop there, fortunately, because Adam Levine decided to hit his button to make a steal.

Next performers were Emily House and Reagan Strange from Team Adam. The high school students joined forces to sing a beautiful rendition of “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. Adam picked Reagan. Unfortunately, Emily was eliminated because no one hit their buttons.

Franc West and Matt Johnson from Team Jennifer Hudson followed it up with a duet of Alex Clare‘s “Too Close”. They both nailed the song, but J. Hud decided to send Franc to The Knockouts. No one made a steal.

Team Kelly Clarkson‘s Delaney Silvenell and Abby Gates then hit the stage, belting out Ellie Goulding‘s hit track “Love Me Like You Do”. Both of them did such an incredible job impressing the coaches, but only one had to advance to the next round and it was Abby. Adam apparently thought that it was so wrong to send Delaney home so he put her on his team.

Viewers were also offered a montage that featured Adam choosing Radha over Foushee after they performed “Growing Pains”. Kelly, meanwhile, picked Chevel Shepherd after he battled Mikele Buck in their performance of “You Look So Good in Love”. MaKenzie Thomas and Audri Bartholomew took the stage to sing “Always Be My Baby” with later Jennifer choosing MaKenzie over Audri.

The next performance was from Jake Wells and Natalie Brady from Team Adam. The pair opted for a duet of “Closing Time” by Semisonic. Adam said that he decided to pair the two up because he believed that they would harmonize so well, and Jake and Natalie proved Adam right perfectly. Adam chose Jake, but no one stole Natalie.

The night was concluded with a performance by J. Hud’s pairing Tyshawn Colquitt and Zaxai. The singers were assigned to sing “Love Lies” by Khalid feat. Normani Kordei. J. Hud chose Tyshawn with Zaxai getting stolen by Kelly.

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