The Venture Bros. Has Been Canceled

The Venture Bros., the long-running Adult Swim show about the Venture family, has been cancelled. Season 7, which aired in 2018, was the show’s final season, ending a run that began with the pilot episode’s release in 2003.

Jackson Publick, the show’s co-creator, tweeted the news, which was set in stone some time ago. “We got the highly disappointing news a few months ago, while we were writing what would have been season 8,” he said.

This comes following a tweet from Ken Plume, the author of the series’ official art book, which said that the show was cancelled a few days earlier–before the show’s creators announced it.

The critically-beloved show ran for 82 episodes and 4 specials.

The show aired alongside many other Adult Swim shows that have since ended, including Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and Sealab 2021. The animation studio that worked on The Venture Bros., Titmouse, went on to animate The Midnight Gospel for Netflix.

There’s currently a free 24/7 stream of the show running on Adult Swim.

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