The Undoing viewers already 'confused as f**k' just one episode into Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman murder mystery

PEOPLE watching Nicole Kidman's new murder mystery drama The Undoing were left very confused after just one episode.

Kidman's HBO drama premiered on NOW TV and Sky Atlantic on Monday, but viewers can't seem to figure out what's going on in the dark murder mystery.

Viewers were introduced to Kidman's Grace Fraser – a no nonsense psychiatrist – who lives in a very posh Manhattan apartment with her paediatric oncologist husband, Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant).

They send their teenage son Henry to an exclusive $50,000 a year private school, where Grace sits on a fundraising committee.

In the first episode, Grace attends a meeting of the committee where a young mum – Elena – whose son has just joined the school on scholarship also attends.

Something is not right with Elena who approaches Grace in the gym change room completely naked and chats to her at length.

Later in the evening Grace spots Elena crying at a fundraising benefit before she storms home.

Jonathan is then paged to attend a medical emergency and comes home crying to Grace that it did not go well, before the couple engage in some steamy sex.

Things unravel as Elena is found brutally murdered and Jonathan goes missing.

While many on Twitter praised the show and its aesthetic, a lot of viewers were "confused as f**k".

"Nicole Kidman is literally always in movies/shows that have me confused lol," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "I know they’re going to fill in the blanks but man am I confused lol."

And a third said: "Ok @hbomax y’all got my attention with the first episode of #TheUndoing I’m definitely intrigued and confused but looking forward to the next episode!"

Viewers also got hot under the collar after Kidman and Grant's steamy sex scenes, the with the couple sharing a very 'healthy' sex life.

In the first episode alone, Jonathan joins Grace in the shower because he does not want her to be alone.

The couple later have sex after he returns from work feeling emotional over a sick child he was unable to help.

Kidman opened up about how filming sex scenes can be important to a story, but how it can also easily become gratuitous.

“I would never think of not wanting the storytelling to be told properly. Having them say, ‘Once you’re OK with it, great, that’s it’ – what a fantastic place to be in as a woman,” she told The New York Times.

But even 20 years later, women's sexuality and empowerment was still a controversial subject.

“Sexuality is over here in a box, and we don’t deal with it. I’m happy to deal with it, but there needs to be a place where you can go. I’m not going to be exploited,” Kidman said.

“Then I’ll go down the road with you. I love the relationship between a director and an actor.

“When it’s pure, it’s exquisite. And the other actors, when you’re all there doing the work, it’s exquisite.”

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