The Umbrella Academy fans call out ‘confusing’ plot hole as Number Five travels in time to meet older version of himself

THE UMBRELLA Academy fans are picking apart some of the more “confusing” plot holes in the second series, specifically when Number Five travels in time to meet an older version of himself. 

Netflix dropped its second season of the black comedy/SciFi/superhero show about seven gifted but problematic siblings, and viewers slowly picking apart the inaccuracies of its time travel aspect. 

Each member of the Umbrella Academy has their own superhero power, with Five being able to transport himself through space and eventually time. 

In the new thrilling season, the team have escaped to the 1960s in order to try and prevent the end of the world. Only it seems the apocalypse has followed them back and there are plenty of time loops to contend with. 

Aidan Gallagher plays Number Five, who returned in the first series a grown man trapped in his younger body thanks to a time-travel mishap. 

But rather than focussing on the storyline and hilarious script, some fans are focussing on how the idea of time travel doesn’t make sense.

In season one, Five travels back from the future and is an old man trapped in his younger self’s body – but why is he old? 

It’s only been 16 years but he’s apparently in his 50s. Wouldn’t he just be 16 years older? He was 13 at the time of leaving, travelled 16 years into the future without ageing and then 16 years later came back. So why isn’t he 29 like the rest of his siblings? 

During a pivotal scene in season two, episode eight, The Seven Stages, Five and his brother  Luther, played by Tom Hopper, meet an older version of Five and try to steal his time-travelling briefcase. 

While the show has kept fans on their toes, some viewers have been left puzzled over the lack of continuity of the two Fives’ encounter and time travelling in general. 

In the final episode, Five uses his powers to time travel mere seconds before the Handler played by Kate Walsh, massacres his brother and sisters.

Posting on Reddit (where else) to outline their confusion, one Redditor wrote: “The time travel theory is making me think a lot. Can't quite understand the presence of two versions of Five.

“Because if the commission version of him was present then the seconds long ago version of him should also be present when he time traveled back in the barn in the last episode. I don't know, I'm kind of confused.”

Another fan queried why it seems that Five is sometimes able to reverse time in quick bursts, but seems to create alternate versions of himself when making larger leaps.

The mused: “I'm curious if it's another level/function of his ability. When he does large jumps he portals out.

“The final one was more like a rewind than a port. So maybe it's just part of his ability he's only now learning to unlock and control.”

The second season of the thrilling comic book series The Umbrella Academy launched on Netflix on July 31.

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