The top 10 best arrivals to The Bachelor mansion

Production for The Bachelor Season 25 is well underway, with a bevy of beautiful and gifted women vying for the attention of one eligible gentleman.

This is the norm for the enduring ABC show that drives all kinds of contestants crazy. That’s especially so when it comes to making their initial presence known while hoping to make their first impressions, well, impressive.

During the upcoming season with Matt James in charge, this iteration of the show set to air (hopefully) in early 2021 meant the 28-year-old hunk met all kinds of eligible females at Pennsylvania’s stunning Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Note that the entire season adhered to quarantine-style safety measures because of the unique circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In turn, that caused their highly anticipated arrivals to play out in locations other than The Bachelor mansion in Southern California, as was the case during recent seasons.

Looking back, The Bachelor saw plenty of doozies who turned up to make their presence known, some via really trippy introductions.

So, consider the following 10 The Bachelor contestants, ingenious women who did their best — and even their most ludicrous — to attract the attention of the man in charge, each hoping their first impression meant nothing less than love at first sight.

Emily O’Brien (Season 16, The Bachelor Ben Flajnik)

Brainy epidemiologist Ph.D. student Emily O’Brien took her entrance for a love match very seriously when she headed into the Bachelor Mansion to seek Ben Flajnik’s favor by bringing along a container of hand sanitizer and a bottle of breath spray.

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Not only was Emily showing the Sonoma winemaker that she was not about to give him a sexually transmitted disease should they cement their relationship, but she also made sure he smelled fresh should their closeness make this an important element in their own particular dating circumstances.

Emily was a winner at this pre-pandemic game, but not in her quest for a spouse on national TV. To her credit, the intelligent woman hung tough in the race for The Bachelor’s proposal until week 7 of Season 16. So, if nothing else, she did enjoy a bunch of air time, which is nothing to, uh, sniff at.

Erin Landry (Season 23, Colton Underwood)

Making a grand entrance was how Erin Landry decided she would snag Colton Underwood’s last attention. The Bachelor for Season 23 saw the lovely Texan put on her best Cinderella act as she pulled up to the Mansion in a decked-out horse-drawn carriage.

Erin laid it on thick as she spoke to the man in charge.

“I’m here looking for my Prince Charming, so I really can’t wait to get to know you better. Come find me before the clock strikes midnight,” she said.

Then, as Erin left to enter the Mansion, she shed a strappy sandal a la Cinderella and her storied glass slipper.

Alas, all this hoopla did not earn Erin her happily ever after. Indeed, Colton eliminated her on the very same night she arrived at the venue, turning her reality show appearance into anything but the real-life fairytale she had hoped would come to pass.

Kylie Ramos (Season 24, The Bachelor Peter Weber)

Kylie Ramos did not necessarily convey love when she stepped out of the ubiquitous Bachelor limo while holding a 12-pack of condoms for her big reveal to Peter Weber during Season 24.

It didn’t take long before this lustful interlude was talked about by the beautiful blonde as she rocked a sparkly black gown and a really huge grin on her very pretty face along with her well-meaning present.

In response, the pilot of her affections looked a little red in the face at such a forward display.

Keltie Colleen (Season 15, The Bachelor Brad Womack)

One contestant literally kicked up her proverbial heels when she met her Bachelor.

At the start of Season 15, former Radio City Hall Rockette Keltie Colleen (aka Keltie Knight) caused Brad Womack to dance as he joined her with some high kicks that had the pair moving almost in tandem in front of the Bachelor Mansion.

And, while the Canadian beauty’s efforts did not pay off as Brad wooed a gaggle of girls for the second time on the ABC show, she did get a sassy smile out of her reluctant suitor. No rose, though, and hopefully, no regrets either.

Clare Crawley (Season 18, The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis)

Was Clare Crawley with child when she showed up at The Bachelor Mansion to meet disarming Juan Pablo Galavis during Season 18?

That was what this intriguing contestant wanted him to believe as she did the pregnancy waddle before insisting her suitor touch her growing belly helped along by a handy prosthetic.

While she didn’t fool anyone, she did charm Juan Pablo. In fact, he picked her as a Bachelor finalist, proving that being pregnant isn’t always a dating deal-breaker.

Reegan Cornwell (Season 19,  The Bachelor Chris Soules)

One wannabe winner of The Bachelor did not wear her heart on her sleeve upon arrival at the mansion. Instead, human tissue dealer Reegan Cornwell walked up to Chris Soules at the beginning of Season 19, accompanied by an actual human heart.

Don’t worry. This contestant did not plan for an immediate transplant with her heaving specimen.

Instead, she carried the vital organ inside of a red-and-white cooler. That way, she had the necessary prop to show her conviction for falling in love with the guy who became known as Prince Farming.

Lacey Mark (Season 21, The Bachelor Nick Viall)

Lacey Mark earns a place on this best arrival list if only because The Bachelor contender for Season 21 was able to procure a real live camel to use to try to knock Nick Viall off his feet.

After slipping into Nick’s arms as she slipped off her bumpy ride, this unconventional contestant from New York offered her very obvious verbal payoff: “I heard you like a good hump, and so do I.”

Forward much? Hmm.

Still, the Syracuse University grad stayed for a bit on The Bachelor that season, even earning a kiss and a rose after a group date that came with an entertaining wedding dress theme.

Lindsay Yenter (Season 17, The Bachelor Sean Lowe)

Lindsay Yenter got straight to the point with Sean Lowe when the striking brunette met the disarming Bachelor stud while wearing a very frothy wedding dress.

To Lindsay, her choice of wardrobe was no veiled threat. Instead, being garbed in white was a direct bid to become Mrs. Lowe, forever and always.

Lindsay’s bold move paid off as she almost did get her new moniker. Instead, though, she ended up as Lowe’s runner-up to eternal love. Close, but not quite the conclusion lovely Lindsay had originally been seeking.

Brittney Schreiner (Season 16, The Bachelor Ben Flajnik)

Brittney Schreiner tried to fool Ben Flajnik during Season 16 by offering her grandmother Sheryl instead of herself when it came time for the crafty blonde to meet her potential mate. And her granny arrived on crutches no less.

Not only did Sheryl play the part of Brittney by showing up for Ben, but she also caused a lot of drama when this nana told him how much she was in love with the affable fellow.

Ultimately, the contestant’s reality show trick did not fly (not surprisingly), but the switcheroo did attract a lot of attention before The Bachelor Flajnik picked the next winning bachelorette on our list (see below).

Courtney Robertson (Season 16, The Bachelor Ben Flajnik)

Never mind that Courtney was the contestant her contemporaries loved to hate during Season 16 of The Bachelor. She still won Ben’s Flajnik’s proposal.

With that in mind, consider her first appearance on the ABC show.

Without pause, she walked up to meet the haircut-challenged Bachelor rocking a stunning strapless gown made of black taffeta. Not one to start with small talk, Courtney simply ran her hands through Ben’s already messy mop and boldly stated what may have been obvious.

“I’m a model,” she uttered.

Then and there, the smitten guy melted right before America’s eye while on national television.

And the moral of this tale is…?

No manner of eye-catching props or catchy phrases can beat this simple approach to finding love on the small screen.

After all was said and handily done, this villain actually did get her man.

Hannah Brown (Season 24, The Bachelor Peter Weber)

Hannah Brown’s The Bachelor entrance in Season 24 is a bonus entry for this top 10 list.

That’s because her visit to the Bachelor Mansion at the top of Season 24 was not to compete but to merely check in with her former beau, Peter Weber.

The pilot and the lady actually had dated before his quest to find a mate on TV from among a couple of dozen single ladies. In fact, Hannah B. was merely on hand to give her former beau a good look at what he was going to be missing.

After that and well before the festivities went forward for the evening, she left.

However, Hannah B. did come back to see her former fling once again during episode 3 of that The Bachelor season. In fact, she popped up during one of Peter’s many dates. Apparently, this confident woman did not get enough talking done during her time with him when her replacements were making their first impressions.

Talk about a reality show rule breaker!

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