The Simpsons producer confirms Monty Python legend Sir Michael Palin is set for hilarious guest appearance

MONTY Python legend Sir Michael Palin is set for a hilarious guest appearance in The Simpsons.

The Simpsons producer and writer Matt Selman announced Palin's new role at this year’s virtual San Diego Comic-Con.

"Sir Michael Palin from Monty Python will be appearing on The Simpsons," he said.

"Which is pretty exciting for me. I love them all, sorry everyone else, I think he’s my favourite."

Over the years some of the world’s biggest stars have been turned into cartoons by show creator Matt Groening, with everyone from politicians to popstars and even famous scientists appearing in animated form.

Palin, 77, follows in the footsteps of Ricky Gervais, Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell in taking a trip to Springfield.

Gervais wrote and starred in the episode “Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife”.

The comedian voiced the character Charles Heathbar, a man who was replaced with Homer as Marge’s husband on a reality TV show spoof of Wife Swap called Mother Flippers.

He later appeared as himself in a cameo role alongside Russell Brand.

Angry celeb chef Ramsay invades Marge’s dream in the episode “The Good Wife”.

The foodie appears in her sleep to yell at her: “You’re not as f***ing fun as
[Homer] and you never will be”

And Cowell has appeared in two full length episodes of the show, once as a
brutally honest talent show judge called Henry the Interviewer.

And second, as himself in an episode where Moe becomes a judge on American Idol.

However, the producers and writers of The Simpsons said Kelsey Grammer and actress Anne Hathaway were two of their past favourites, as well as Jack Black and Marvel star Don Cheadle.

Al Jean said: "There’s too many to mention. But for me its Kelsey. Anne Hathaway, all great and incredibly talented."

Writer Carolyn Omine added: "I loved Cate Blanchett, (she) was great."

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