The Secrets She Keeps: Will there be a series 2?

IF LIKE us you have already binged watched all The Secrets She Keeps you'll be wondering if there will be a another series.

The show has got BBC viewers talking and now they want to know if there will be a second offering.

Will there be a The Secrets She Keeps series 2?

The BBC are yet to reveal whether there will be a second series.

However, without giving too much away, the show ended in a way that could lend itself to another series

If there were to be another season of the show, it would no doubt feature Laura Carmichael as Agatha Fyfle and Jessica De Gouw as Meghan O'Shaughnessy.

For now you can watch series 1 on the BBC iPlayer.

What happened at the end of the The Secrets She Keeps series 1?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from the series finale of The Secrets She Keeps

We found out at the end of the first episode that Agatha was faking her pregnancy.

We later saw Agatha disguise herself as a nurse to kidnap Meghan's baby at the hospital.

However the baby soon became ill and with Agatha refusing to take him to see doctors, she went on the run.

The series ended with a tense confrontation between Meghan and Agatha, who was armed with a gun.

However, the baby boy was returned to his rightful mother unharmed after Agatha was shot in the arm by police.

Next we saw that she had been sent to jail for the kidnap and it turned out she had done it before.

The police also unearthed several graves of babies.

Meghan, meanwhile, has been keeping a secret herself after having an affair with her husband's friend Simon shortly before falling pregnant.

With Simon demanding a paternity test, Meghan plotted to keep her fling quiet by swapping the newborn's DNA swab with one taken from one of her other children.

This left the question – who's the daddy?

What could happen in The Secrets She Keeps series 2?

We could see Agatha taunt Meghan from jail.

Maybe Agatha would be released and continue to stalk Meghan or have a new victim.

No doubt it would be revealed that Meghan was having an affair and the identity of Ben's real father would be revealed.


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