The Pact fans seriously impressed as Eddie Marsan steals episode 2 – but did you spot why?

THE Pact fans have been left seriously impressed after Eddie Marsan stole episode 2 – but did you spot why?

The BBC drama follows four women who work in a brewery who have had enough of their cold-hearted and volatile new boss, Jack.

They attempt to knock him down a peg or two after he tries to force himself on a woman in a club by leaving him in some woods with his trousers pulled down.

But when they return they find him dead, they decide to make a pact to keep quiet about their involvement as the police start to investigate.

Eddie, 52, plays Jack's grieving father Arwel, and he made quite an impact on viewers during episode two.

Taking to Twitter, one fan of the series wrote: "Binge watching #[email protected] welsh accent is spot on I must say."

Another added: "I have to say- I’m enjoying #ThePact, and the central performances massively, but @eddiemarsan is pulling off a very good, authentic Welsh accent!"

A third tweeted: "Eddie Marsan’s Welsh accent in #ThePact is actually pretty good, fair play."

Meanwhile a fourth viewer tweeted: "@eddiemarsan your Welsh accent is spot on!!! Love it! #ThePact #bbc1 #bbcwales."

Elsewhere, other viewers were convinced they have spotted a plot hole at the crime scene.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "They have been back & forth to that crime scene … surely the car would have been caught on CCTV? #ThePact".

Another added: "Surely there’s cctv outside? #ThePact".

A third tweeted: "Clearly no CCTV in Wales! #ThePact".

The Pact is available in full on BBC iPlayer and airs on BBC One.

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