The One Show fans brand Richard Branson 'a money-wasting disgrace' as he reveals staggering cost of space trip

SIR Richard Branson enraged fans for "wasting money" on a space trip he explained on The One Show.

Billionaire Richard, 70, talked to hosts Ronan Keating and Angellica Bell about fulfilling his dream of going into space.

He informed viewers: “We’re in New Mexico, we are just putting the mother-ship and spaceship together.

“On Sunday at 2pm UK time, we will head off from this beautiful space port. It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.”

It's not been confirmed how much money has been spent on the Virgin Galactic project but 600 people have reserved tickets for $250,000.

The Virgin Group founder said he would "head up 40,000 feet and we will then be dropped. We’ll go from zero to Mach three in seven or eight seconds into space.

“I’m obviously very excited personally, but one of the reasons for doing it is that so kids can be as excited about space as I was as a child watching the moon landing.

“Since the moon landing, we’ve always talked about space backwards. Now we want to talk about space forwards.

“Space is magnificent, and we want to bring it to as many kids as possible.”

However, fans were furious at the amount of money that was needed and thought it can be used elsewhere on something more important.

One said: “And just imagine what all that money could have done to clean up our oceans, bring forward eco-tech and sustainable living solutions.

“Never mind the space junk threatening to take our communications and eventually us too. People with more money than sense.”

A second wrote: “Disgraceful that Richard Branson is getting a podium on @BBCTheOneShow to talk about his money-wasting space trip. Think about what good he could do with that money. #shame.”

Another penned: “What a joke? Fawning over a man with enough wealth to go to space but sues the NHS?

"No one’s kids will ever get there unless they come from families like his who exploit everyone to get what they want!”

Richard added how he always wanted to go to space since he was a kid.

He explained: "I want to enable hopefully hundreds and thousands of people over the next hundred years to be able to go to space.

“And why shouldn’t they? Space is extraordinary.

“The universe is magnificent, and we can look back at our beautiful earth and come back and try very hard to do magic to it so we can look after it.

“Space is essential for that. Whether it’s monitoring the rainforest, whether it’s connecting people.

“Whether it’s putting research payloads up to monitor climate change or tracking illegal fishing.

“There are so many things space does for the world.”

Richard's space tourism firm Virgin Galactic announced on July 1 that its CEO will be on their July 11 flight to the edge of space.

The flight will be Virgin Galactic's fourth test spaceflight and its first mission with a full crew of six on board.

For the first time, Virgin Galactic will livestream the test flight for people to watch along at home.

The livestream will be available to watch on Virgin as well as the firm's official Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages.

The craft hits around three and a half times the speed of sound (2,600mph or 4,300kph) until it reaches a top altitude of around 293,000ft.

After the rocket motor has fired for around a minute, the pilots safely shut it down, giving riders four minutes of weightlessness.

Bezos, founder of Amazon, will be on board the suborbital flight of the New Shepard spacecraft of his own private rocket company, Blue Origin, on July 20.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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