‘The Good Doctor’: Shaun and Morgan Clash, Lea and Shaun Seem to Be Having Trouble

This week on The Good Doctor, Glassman takes on a difficult surgery. Also, Shaun and Morgan are placed in a tough position when it comes to one of their patients. Furthermore, there seems to be tension between Shaun and Lea. Here’s what to expect on the next episode of The Good Doctor.

Dr. Glassman takes on an impossible case

During The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 11 (titled “We’re All Crazy Sometimes”), a patient comes to the hospital with an unusual disease. Glassman says the patient’s spine is starting to fuse together. He volunteers to perform spinal surgery, but Dr. Andrews thinks it’s a bad idea because the surgery would be too complicated. “You take on a case that no other surgeon would touch,” says Andrews.

One reason Glassman is interested in performing the surgery is because this would give the residents at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital a chance to scrub in on a surgery for a case they might not see again for a long time.

Shaun and Morgan try to figure out what to do with a patient on life support

Shaun and Morgan disagree with how to proceed with the treatment of a comatose patient who has cancer. One of them is leaning toward recommending the patient is taken off life support. However, the other seems to think it’s better to leave the patient on life support.

In one scene it appears as if the patient still has some brain activity. Her thumb briefly moves not long after she’s declared brain dead. During a conversation with Shaun, Morgan says, “You’re going to tell him that the twitch meant nothing.”

It’s not clear from the brief preview if Morgan is directing Shaun to say the twitch was insignificant or if Shaun is the one who is thinking about telling the woman’s significant other the twitch was nothing. Either way, they have a difficult decision to make.

Is there trouble between Shaun and Lea?

The preview also shows Lea yelling for someone. Then we see Lea’s car driving away as Shaun runs after it. Is there trouble in paradise? It looks like Lea and Shaun might have had a big fight, but it’s hard to tell what’s really going on from the short clip.  

What happened last time on ‘The Good Doctor’

Last time on The Good Doctor, the hospital is at the center of a cyber attack. Lea is called upon to figure out the problem and help get the network back online.

After Claire asks a nurse what’s going on, she’s told the power in the hospital is on, but the computers are down. The emergency room doctors and nurses are at a loss for how to deliver the best care without computer equipment.

During a conversation with Dr. Andrews, Glassman reveals the hackers are demanding a ransom of $2 million. Lea tries her best to solve the issue before the hackers destroy the imaging equipment and delete the hospital’s data. Glassman then tells her she has just 24 hours to find a solution.

Since time is running out, Glassman authorizes a negotiation to reduce the ransom. However, when Lea finds out, she goes to his office and asks why he doesn’t trust her to get the job done. She also lets him know the hackers were insulted by the offer and activated malware. Fortunately, Lea discovers the problem in time and gets the network up and running.

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