The Drowning's Jill Halfpenny lifts lid on plans for second series as she defends divisive finale

THE Drowning's Jill Halfpenny has lifted the lid on plans for a second series and defended the show's divisive finale.

Jill, 45, plays Jodie in the Channel 5 drama, a mother who becomes convinced a schoolboy named Daniel is her missing son, Tom.

*Spoilers ahead for the finale of The Drowning*

However, after many twists and turns, last night's finale revealed Daniel wasn't Tom, despite Jodie's brother Jason faking a DNA test to make it look like he was.

In fact, lawyer Jason (Jonas Armstrong) turned out to be the bad guy all along, having been with Tom on the day he drowned in a lake before failing to tell his family what had happened and letting his sister believe her son could still be alive.

Speaking about the drama and whether there was scope for a second series, Jill told "I never know what plans writers have, or what ideas people have.

"As far as I know it was a standalone story. But hey, if someone had a good about where it could go I’d be here for it."

The final reveal that Jason was to blame for Tom's death left viewers divided, but defending the scenes, Jill said she "did not see the reveal coming."

She added: "I think endings are notoriously difficult. People are very, very hard to please. But those that I’ve spoken to all seem satisfied with it."

The finale saw Jason reveal all to Daniel about the DNA test after he had rowed a boat out into the middle of the lake where Tom had died.

He then said in a chilling voice: "I'm going to row you out to the middle of the lake, where the water is nice and clear and you can see all the way to the bottom."

Jodie and her mum Lyn arrived trying to find Daniel, and discovered Jason had locked him in a shed after their sinister boat trip.

Jodie rescued him and the pair ran off towards the lake as Jason chased them.

But poetic justice struck as Jason ended up drowning in the lake after he tried to swim after Jodie and Daniel, who had escaped on a rowing boat.

The series ended with Jodie and Daniel laying a wreath to Tom on the lake.

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