The Circle Season 5 Finale Recap: A New Socially Savvy Winner Is Crowned

Confetti emoji, dance emoji, balloon emoji: The Circle‘s got a new champ!

But before we pop the champagne, Wednesday’s finale (now streaming on Netflix) had one more victim to claim before the Final 5 could duke it out in the season’s last ratings.

After the group watches a lovely and very British goodbye message from Tom, they learn that the top rated player from the previous night’s ratings became a secret super influencer. Thus, all of the power for this last blocking lies in the hands of Chaz. But it wouldn’t be a Circle finale if we didn’t have twists on top of twists! Chaz is told he must go block the last player in person. “Guess what? It’s not f–king Love Day anymore,” says Brett. Yep. That part.

Sadly, Chaz knocks on the door of the very stylish, very hilarious Oliver, who takes the news pretty well, considering. Chaz admits to his flirt-mance that he’s (eek) engaged, and that their flirting was more or less strategy (though he does say he enjoyed their connection). But Oliver’s a glassy gent, and it’s seemingly all gravy for him.

With Oliver exiting the game, we’re left with this season’s finalists: the blue-haired Raven, the popular Chaz, Brooklynite Sam, catfish “Tamira” (aka Tasia) and Brett/Xanthi, who are pretending to be “Jennifer.”

It seems to be a rarity that a non-original player can win this show (yes, despite James’ win in Season 3). Is that a major game flaw? Or is it just an extra challenge for later players who enter to get caught up to speed? I digress. At this stage, it would seem like it’s Chaz or Sam’s game to lose, though Raven does seem to still be in the running herself.

The Final 5 ranks each other once again, and with that, the results are locked. When they finally meet face to face, it’s all love between Sam and Chaz. Everyone is flabbergasted at the reveal that Brett and Xanthi are, in fact, Jennifer, and Sam admits that she totally bought “Tamira’s” make-up claims. And when Raven crashes the party, she introduces everyone to Paris, her interpreter. “Jennifer” also admits to being the hacker, and honestly, that was a pretty boss move, so no one seems too shaken up by the deception.

With all of their secrets finally revealed, the hostess with the most-est, Michelle Buteau, calls them up to the penthouse to read the final results. “Jennifer” lands in fifth place, “Tamira” in fourth (guess it doesn’t pay to be a catfish, huh?), while Raven winds up getting third.

So who took home the big $100,000 check? The lady in leopard print, Sam. (Cue the screaming, tears and a very emotional Zoom to her family back home!)

Did the right person win Season 5? Grade the finale and season below, then light up the comments! 


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