'The Circle': Season 4 Premiere Date Released

Netflix’s reality competition show The Circle will return for season 4 after an eight-month break. When will season 4 premiere, and who is rumored to join the cast?

Netflix has announced the release date for ‘The Circle’ Season 4

In April 2022, Netflix took to Twitter to announce the premiere date of The Circle Season 4.

According to the network, viewers can watch the first four episodes of the reality show on Wednesday, May 4 at 3 a.m. EST, followed by another four on May 11 and the last group of four on May 18.

The finale, which crowns the winner in front of the other players and also serves as a mini-reunion, will premiere on May 25. Season 4 will consist of 13 episodes.

While the network hasn’t confirmed if comedian Michelle Buteau is returning as host again, it’s assumed she will resume her duties of narrating the players’ everyday lives and breaking down the ever-changing twists for viewers.

‘Big Brother’ stars reportedly joining ‘The Circle’ Season 4 cast

To announce the upcoming season, Netflix posted a minute-long clip advertising “the spiciest season ever.” Various hashtags appear throughout the video, such as “cakes for days,” “hot tub welcome committee,” “I’ll bring the wood,” “inner trust circle,” and “no filter.”

Additionally, several voices, likely from upcoming players, overlaid one another as they declared many hashtags, including, “it’s over.”

Some viewers are sure they heard Big Brother Canada favorite Victoria “Spicy Vee” Woghiren’s unmistakable voice and believe she’s a part of the season. The former houseguest either confirmed the rumors or played along by “liking” several comments about her possible appearance.

Additionally, Victoria is known for using the adjective “spicy” to describe almost everything, which is included multiple times in the trailer. Fans also think Big Brother 20 houseguest Brett Robinson, Love Island 2 islander Cely Vazquez, and Survivor’s Brice Johnston will compete in The Circle Season 4.

Who has already won ‘The Circle?’

In January 2020, the reality competition show premiered on Netflix, almost instantly becoming a hit, mainly due to the pandemic-induced lockdown. The first season featured a then-25-year-old Joey Sasso, who entered the chat as himself.

He developed strong relationships, including a memorable one with runner-up Shubham Goel, and ultimately walked away with the grand prize. Season 2 premiered in April 2021 and featured three fewer players than the first season.

DeLeesa St. Agathe, who competed as her real-life husband Trevor but was portrayed as a single father, won the season as her fellow competitors felt she played the best game. Too Hot to Handle star Chloe Veitch finished as runner-up and won fan-favorite. Not even six months later, season 3 dropped with a new set of cast.

For the first time in the show’s history, a latecomer, Los Angeles-based comedian James Jefferson Jr. won. Matthew Pappadia, who played the game as his friend Ashley, placed second, and Keisha “Kai” Ghost, who competed as herself, became fan-favorite. The prize money is usually $100,000, but the check could increase. The Circle Season 4 premieres May 4 on Netflix.

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